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"Deadlands One-Shot for MDA Charity!" (Sx11) is a Deadlands RPG one-shot between "A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58) and "Critical Role EXTRA – Liam's Quest!" (Sx12). It was part of Geek & Sundry's 24-hour fundraising livestream for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.



Few rules: The fate chips, players and the Marshall can use to alter the circumstances in the game. A black fate chip can be spent by players to re-roll a single trait or skill roll they're attempting to do. It's a one-time reroll. The red chips can be used to instead add a d6 to whatever trait or skill roll they just made, but in using that red chip, the Marshall get to pick one to add to his pool. A blue chip, which is probably the strongest of them all, allows them to add that same d6 to a trait or skill roll, but the Marshall don't get to pick a chip out of there. However, some of the more powerful creatures or individuals in the game may have their own set of fate chips. And if you donate, looking at the list, you can go ahead and provide additional fate chips to the players or the Marshall. So, as it stands, if people want to donate and affect the game, they can donate a hundred bucks to give one of the players a black fate chip, $150 to donate a red fate chip to a player of your choice, $200 to give a blue fate chip to the player of your choice, or $200 to give me a fate chip of the Marshall choice, to use against the players.


  • Alison Haislip announce that, by the time of this episode, they reached over $35,000 for the G&S fundraising livestream.
  • Thanks to the Critters who have raised over $7,000 by buying the Critical Role MDA shirt.
  • Thanks to Geek & Sundry and Smart Girls, they decided to donate to get up to $50,000.

Part I[]


Fan art of Stinky Jules, by Truffery.[art 1]


  • No break during this epsiode.

Part II[]

Featured Characters[]

Player characters[]






  1. Fan art of Stinky Jules, by Truffery (source). Used with permission.