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The Dayal Hall is a learning center located in the Core Spire of Jrusar. It is privately funded by House Dayal of the Mahaan houses and is open to all citizens, especially children, regardless of background and circumstance. The Hall has long been held as a symbol of opportunity in the face of economic disparity in the Oderan Wilds. Ajit Dayal manages the Hall.


The Dayal Hall consists of three squat sandstone tower arches with open windows. The archways, set into the rock of the Core Spire, stand twenty feet tall and are intricately carved and latticed. The interior is filled with tables, seating cushions, and small step-pits that serve as teaching areas. Lighting is provided by magical smoke-free torches, possibly candlerock. It has a relaxed and warm atmosphere described as a haven from the city, and the space is filled with the scent of lavender incense.[1]


The Dayal Hall was founded by House Dayal in the Core Spire of Jrusar to offer access to education for all citizens, especially children, regardless of their background and circumstance.[2] In 843 PD, the Hall was managed by Ajit Dayal, who began overseeing it some time after its founding.[3]

Divaasheela was originally a student in the Dayal Hall until she was bitten by a weretiger and left her old life and name behind.[4] However, she still remembered and respected Ajit, saving him and his life years later.

Tairan studied in the Dayal Hall before moving to Yios around 828 PD and becoming a professor at the Aydinlan Seminary.[5]

By 843 PD, Ariks Eshteross, who held the Dayal Hall in high esteem, had been managing the delivery and storage of supplies and goods to the Hall for years. Some of these supplies were stolen, and Eshteross hired the soon-to-be-named Bells Hells to investigate these thefts.[2]

During the apogee solstice the Hall kept working as usual, even though people were nervous. Chetney, Fearne and Orym visited it to learn about the current situation in Jrusar, and to ask about some ancient objects they had found during their adventures.[6]


  • Both this learning center and its main manager are a tribute to Ajit George (who admitted his Exandria equivalent even shared his dress style)[7] and his Shanti Bhava Children's Project, which has the Critical Role Foundation as one of its supporters.[8]