Darrow is a human mercenary and the leader of The Stubborn Stock. As an NPC, Darrow is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Darrow is a tall man, standing a little over six feet tall. He's a very strong looking man with tan skin and long jet black hair that is braided into a single thick braid that goes past his waist. He wears partial scale mail across the chest and part of the shoulders and a dull gray leather heavy waistband that's almost a foot thick.[2]

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Darrow comes off as friendly, welcoming, and genuine in his interactions with the Mighty Nein. Though his faith keeps him from partaking in some particular vices Darrow seems to revel in the thrill of combat, contrasting with his usual laid-back demeanor.

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"Harvest Close" (2x17) Edit

Darrow approached Yasha after she won an arm wrestling competition and offered her a place in his mercenary group.

Darrow later competed in The Victory Pit with The Stubborn Stock. The group succeeded with a single knockout in their first battle against a giant crocodile but suffered numerous injuries in the second round against two displacer beasts.

"Whispers of War" (2x18) Edit

Despite suffering many injuries, they managed to defeat their third opponent, a flightless wyvern.

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In the final round of the Victory Pit tournament in Zadash, Darrow along with The Stubborn Stock faced off against a wyvern that had purposefully prevented flight. During this battle Darrow rushed up with his battleaxe and slamming into the creature, released a divine flash of radiant energy off of his battleaxe.[3]

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