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Darrington Brigade emblem on Official Portrait of Buddy, by Aviv Or.[art 1]

The Darrington Brigade is a non-profit adventuring group operating mostly in Wildemount. Modeled after the more-famous Vox Machina, the group was founded by former Vox Machina adventurer Taryon Darrington.[1]

Founding Edit

In exchange for Tary coming back home to his family in Wildemount and helping to recover the Darrington family's financial situation, Tary demanded that the family change its business model. To the common people, the Darringtons are scoundrels and awful penniless awful people. Tary proposed converting the Darrington Estate into a home for the poor and headquarters for a new charitable Darrington Foundation. He also proposed creating a team of adventurers based in Wildemount: the Darrington Brigade.

The mission statement of the Darrington Brigade, according to Tary, is to: "fight for justice, win battles against evil-doers, and spread the Darrington name around the continent".[2]

The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade Edit

Main article: The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade.

In 826 PD, after a strange object fell from the sky the previous night, Master Doolan Tversky hired the Darrington Brigade to investigate the Cyrengreen Forest and retrieve the object for her. The Darrington Brigade accomplished the mission and brought Master Tversky a strange, mutagenic crystal for the agreed-upon price of 10,000 gold.[3]

Members Edit

Current Members Edit


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Taryon Darrington


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Lionel Gayheart.


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Farriwen Breeze.


Eldritch Foundry miniature of The Owlbear.


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Damian Vadoma.


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Buddy.


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Hazel Copperpot.


Eldritch Foundry miniature of Macaroni Samsonite.

Former Members Edit

  • K'ryyn (left due to ongoing disagreements about the Brigade's "non-profit" business model)[9]

Allies and Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As someone who grew up with wealth, Taryon might have a different interpretation of the the term "non-profit". Tary stated that some of the Brigade's funds have been written-off as "in-kind donations" for tax purposes, implying that Tary might be selfishly embezzling from his own non-profit group.[10]
  • As Taryon and Hazel both kept referring to Hazel as Tary's "manager",[11] it is possible that Hazel took over as Manager of the Darrington Brigade after Mariya's death.[citation needed]

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