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Darktow Isle is an island located in the Swavain Islands off the southwestern coast of Wildemount. It is the home of The Revelry, and under the rule of the Plank King.


Darktow and Bwualli - Deven Rue

Official map of Darktow, showing distance from Bwualli, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 3]

You don't go there unless you're looking for trouble, or unless you are the trouble.
Fjord talking about Darktow Isle.[3]

Darktow Isle is ruled by the Plank King. At the time of the events of Campaign Two, the Plank King was Wyatt Maranoss. The previous Plank King, Hunnis Breeah, was killed around 15 years prior to the Mighty Nein's arrival on the island.

There is a strict law on this island: If anyone double-crosses anyone else within the bounds of the city, they will have the hammer of the Plank King down upon them.[4]

When a ship of the Revelry arrives on the island they must declare the amount of their profits, and from that there is a tithe offer (25-30%) to the Plank King. Revelry members do not have to pay for repairs and have asylum on the island.[5]


In 835 PD, the town of Darktow has a population of 1,306 people, with 61% being humans, 12% elves, 9% dwarves, and 18% other races.[1] A dragon turtle named Idok inhabits the Dragshallow reefs off the isle's coast.[1]

Notable people[]

Name Type Description
Kingsley Tealeaf PC Current Plank King.
Alyson Paij NPC Former business rival of Avantika.
Jamedi Cosko NPC Adventurer for hire and informant for the Plank King.
James Tybalt NPC Henchman to the Plank King.
Linus NPC The Plank King's Stenographer.
Solon NPC The Plank King's "bookish friend"
Sorris Cade NPC Sharpshooter and member of the Revelry.
Wyatt Maranoss NPC Former Plank King and master of The Revelry.
Sabian NPC Former crewmate of Fjord and responsible for sabotaging the Tide's Breath.


Unlike most of the tropical islands of the area, the main island of Darktow Isle is little more than huge jagged cliff faces raised multiple hundreds of feet from the waters of its coast. Around the base of these cliffs is a string of tangled docks used by the many ships of The Revelry. Torch lights mark the interconnecting routes through the docks to the streets and buildings of the city that are built into the cliff face itself.[6]

Dragshallow Reefs[]

The waters of Darktow Isle are dominated by the Dragshallow Reefs, shallow waters marked by the wreckage of ships and gathered driftwood. To its southwest is a curving channel used by ships to navigate towards the main island of Darktow.[7] Much of the route through this area seems to have been reinforced purposely by the wreckage with watchtowers and siege weaponry positioned on more stable terrain within the reef guarding against any potential assault by sea.[8] Additionally, The Revelry has made an arrangement with a Dragon Turtle named Idok who protects the area, preying on trespassing ships not aligned with the inhabitants of Darktow. [1]

The Throne Roost[]

The Throne Roost is the lair and seat of power of The Plank King, set high in the cliffs of Darktow. It is placed in a cave mouth that is warm with firelight. The Roost is a 300-foot climb up the cliff face, occasionally lit by torches, some of which have been replaced with a wooden pike holding a skull or a head in varying stages of decay. The stone stairs vary from two feet wide to maybe a foot at times. The stairs stop at a wide stone shelf that overlooks the town, just above the rocky waters of the inlet. The throne is carved from the surrounding rock, and is surrounded with stools.[9]

Points of interest[]

  • Sundry Square: The market area of Darktow where commercial goods and pirated contraband are sold.
  • The Bloated Cup: A rowdy tavern located near the docks, popular with the pirates of the Island.[10]



The island presently known as Darktow Isle was formerly under the rule and jurisdiction of the Clovis Concord. The island was an important repair and stopping station from the Menagerie Coast for long-distance shipping. At some point in time, there was a dispute between the heads of the trading guilds with the Clovis Concord, the latter heavily and repeatedly overtaxing smaller shipping businesses in an attempt to close them out of the business and own all the means of shipping in the region. In frustration and retaliation, the guilds banded together and ransacked the isle. The Clovis Concord has not attempted to retake Darktow Isle for the past forty years.[11]

The former Plank King of the Revelry (from 820 to sometime between 838 and 843 PD) was Wyatt Maranoss, who got the title after challenging and killing his predecessor.[12] The current (as of 843 PD) Plank King is Kingsley Tealeaf, who took Wyatt's place and rescinded the Mighty Nein's banishment from Darktow.[13]

"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41)[]

Coming Into Darktow

Fan art of Darktow Harbor, by BlackSalander.[art 4]

The Squalleater and The Mistake docked in the harbor. On their way to the Bloated Cup, an assistant of the Plank King met Avantika and told her the King wanted to meet the new blood on the island. They climbed the precarious stairs leading to the Throne Roost, where the Mighty Nein introduced themselves, some using aliases, and the King questioned them briefly about their motives, then told them the law in Darktow. He accepted a coin-filled chest from Avantika, and sent them on their way.

"A Hole In the Plan" (2x42)[]

The Mighty Nein walked to the Bloated Cup tavern with Avantika, where she claimed the Plank King didn't bother her and did a fine job. Jester decided to fight a gnome seaman, Sorris Cade, at his invitation. Avantika told them they were going to head north to the Diver's Grave. Jester then vaguely remembered the tales of Dashilla the Dreadful, and Sorris sung them Dashilla's Shanty. Avantika went to bed and Nott and Beau went to the alley to try to meet a rival of Avantika's, Alyson Paij.

Eventually the party decided to break into Avantika's quarters while Fjord kept Avantika "busy". Jester Dimension Doored herself and Nott inside the cabin. They found a book and jewelry but sprang a trap that filled the room with fumes. Trying to escape, they caused one of the crew members to get stabbed by another, who staggered towards the tavern where he was healed by Caduceus. Nott and Jester made it safely to shore and the tavern, joined shortly by Caleb and Beau. Fjord concluded his business with Avantika and joined them. Nott showed them the book. It was written in an unknown language, so Caleb cast Comprehend Languages on it, learning that it was Avantika's journal, written in her personal cipher. Caleb determined he could create a key to the cipher by staying up all night. They talked about what to do next with the book and the jewels they found, but reached no conclusions and everyone went to bed except Caleb.

The next morning just after sunrise, Bouldergut loudly banged on their doors telling them they were required immediately on the deck of the Squalleater. On the way, Jester dumped the jewels off the dock into the ocean. They were brought aboard, joining the crews of the Squalleater and The Mistake. When Vera began casting Locate Object to find the journal that was still in Caleb's possession, he immediately cast a Wall of Fire between the party and Avantika's crew.

"In Hot Water" (2x43)[]

With the Wall of Fire raging, Beauregard decided to stick to the plan, taking Avantika's notebook and running to Jester, who Dimension Doored them both to the middle of the city of Darktow. They began moving toward the Plank King's roost. Meanwhile, the battle between the remaining members of the Mighty Nein and Avantika's crew continued, causing much damage to the docks and to Avantika's ship and crew before the party surrendered to the city guards for the judgement of the Plank King. Beau had been taken to the Plank King under guard by telling them Avantika was staging a coup to take over the city.

Wyatt Maranoss, the current Plank King, was displeased with the clear violation of Revelry law. However, with the journal as evidence and the reveal that Jamedi Cosko was an informer, Beau convinced him to descend and investigate Avantika's plans for treason. Meeting at the docks, all parties presented their cases. The Plank King was eventually convinced to allow Beau to use Extort Truth on Avantika, whose silence in response to the King's questions confirmed her guilt. The king snapped her neck, and the Mighty Nein were given her damaged ship Squalleater, but were banished permanently from Darktow and forced to leave immediately from the island with whatever provisions were left on board.

"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2" (Sx74)[]

When Uk'otoa was freed in the southern Lucidian Ocean, the regrouped Mighty Nein discussed where to go to battle him. Veth Brenatto was strongly in favor of Darktow, but when Jester Sent to Wyatt Maranoss, telling him of Uk'otoa's release and asking for help, he told her to stop messaging him or he'd have her killed. After Uk'otoa was defeated, Kingsley Tealeaf continued to work for Fjord's Stone's Throw Shipping Company, but stole the first ship Fjord gave him to captain, becoming a pirate and eventually the new Plank King on Darktow Isle, rescinding the party's banishment.



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