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You don't have to be a bad person to do bad things if it's hurtin' other bad people.

Dariax Zaveon is a dwarven sorcerer who appears in Exandria Unlimited. He is played by Matthew Mercer.



Official full-body portrait of Dariax, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]

Dariax is a young mountain dwarf with wild, floppy, reddish-auburn hair and a chinstrap beard. He wears a vest over a chain shirt,[10] and has a compass rose chained on his light chain necklace.[11]

After touching the thorny circlet and failing his wisdom saving throw, Dariax's eyes turned inky black.[12] They were restored to their normal "dreamy" brown color by Shaun Gilmore a few days later.[13]


Dariax is easygoing, reacting cheerfully to being pranked by his friends.[14] However, he becomes intense when he realises he’s being lied to, as he has had bad experiences with people who lie a lot.[15] He is impulsive and prone to throwing himself unthinkingly into dangerous situations.[16]

Despite his cheerful nature, Dariax is somewhat cynical, considering the world to be built on “fucking people over” and feeling that doing bad things in order to survive is necessary.[17]



If he was the tree that stayed there, I'm the rock that people keep throwing.
Dariax on his relationship with Taros[18]

Dariax grew up in Turst Fields.[19] He has an older brother, Taros, whom Dariax described as "a bit of a dick, but we get along all right, I guess." Taros was the "workhorse" on the family farm, the one stepping in the same family path; overall a good guy, but the brothers got in scuffles here and there.[20] Dariax, on the other hand, was a troublemaker growing up, and Taros had to frequently put out fires Dariax set both figuratively and literally.[21]

Dariax has worked in thieves' circles.[22] For a time he was in a relationship with the traveling burlesque dancer Tharla Starr.[23]

Exandria Unlimited


Fan art of Dariax, by Amy King.[art 2]

Dorian Storm

Dariax and Dorian have a friendly relationship. Dariax appeared touched when Dorian referred to him as a friend, and Dorian told Poska that "if he doesn't like someone, I don't like someone."[24]

Little Mister

Dariax and Little Mister are not on the best terms and have some external tension with each other.[25]


Dariax cares about Orym, despite the small amount of time they’ve spent together.[26] He appeared confused and concerned by Orym’s reluctance to engage in crime, saying that if Orym didn’t start “fucking people over”, he wouldn’t survive.[27]

Character information

Notable Items


Sorcerer Abilities

  • Sorcerous Origin: Divine Soul
    • Divine Magic
    • Favored by the Gods
  • Font of Magic
    • 3 Sorcery Points
    • Flexible Casting
  • Metamagic

Sorcerer Spells





  • Orym: I just don't like fuckin' people over, Dariax.
    Dariax: This entire world is built on it. I've spent my whole life gettin' fucked over. If you don't start fuckin' people over you're not going to survive, buddy. I know you're from some highfalutin' mountain town you've been talking about, you know, but like, welcome to Emon, man.[47]
  • "You don't have to be a bad person to do bad things if it's hurtin' other bad people."[48]
  • "If you steal something that may have originally been stolen, does that unsteal it?"[49]
  • "If I'm wrong, it's not my fault."[50]


  • Dariax is the player character that Matt has played the longest on the Critical Role channel, with 8 episodes. He is followed by Clayton Sharpe, who appeared in all four episodes of UnDeadwood.
  • The similarity between the names Dariax and Dorian caused amusing mixups for Aabria Iyengar and some of the others at the table, reminiscent of Vex and Vax. Mercer noted that he and Robbie Daymond had picked their characters' names independently, and sometimes that's what you get.[51]
  • According to the co-founder of Eldritch Foundry, which created the Exandria Unlimited miniatures, Dariax was a Light Domain cleric during the miniature-making process. Additionally, the studio at Eldritch Foundry took Dariax as an opportunity to "sneak" a complete re-design of their dwarves past the co-founder.[52]
  • A monkey bit him when he was 12 years old, which eventually led to his negative relationship with Little Mister.[53]

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