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This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.


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Dani Carr is the Lore Keeper at Critical Role Productions LLC, producer and one-time substitute host for Talks Machina, and writer of Critical Recap. She has also appeared in various Critical Role shows.[1]

Critical Role Production

Lore Keeper

Dani worked at Geek & Sundry as a Production Coordinator, then continued with that role when the crew transitionned to Critical Role Productions LLC. Starting roughly during the filming of Campaign Two Arc 6: Weird Magic, Dani's job description was changed to official Lore Keeper of Critical Role. As Lore Keeper, she is in charge of protecting the canonical integrity of the world of Critical Role in its various iterations.[1]

Contributions & Appearances

Apart from her role as Lore Keeper, Dani has contributed to Critical Role in many ways.

  • Talks Machina: Dani is the producer of Talks Machina, and has appeared on every episode as an off-screen observer an commentator. She sometimes appears on screen and has her own dedicated camera, labelled "Dani Cam".
  • Critical Recap:Dani Carr began hosting Critical Recap with the airing of "Zemnian Nights" (2x11) before the live streams. After the split from Geek & Sundry, new episodes of Critical Recap premiered on Critical Role's YouTube channel on Tuesdays. The final video was for "Unwanted Reunions" (2x88). Since then, Dani has been writting recaps and posting them on the Critical Role website every Wednesday.
  • Crit Recap Animated: Dani narrates Crit Recap Animated, and is on the team of writers as well. She appears in the show as an animated version of herself.
  • Narrative Telephone: Dani appeared as a guest on Narrative Telephone Round 2. She was a participant in episode 5 and the storyteller in episode 6.
  • EverythingIsContent: Dani played Spider-Man (2018) with her mom her mother Velita.

Player Characters


  • Dani was a fan of Critical Role since the beginning, before she began working with Geek & Sundry. During a very early episode, Dani won a giveaway and her name was said on screen before she met any of the cast members.[2]
  • Dani's first D&D character was a half-elf ranger with a wolf companion.[1]
  • The phrase "Is it Thursday yet?" commonly used to close off episodes was initially coined by Dani.[3]


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