"Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) is the thirty-seventh episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. Live from New York! The Mighty Nein are taken aboard the Squall Eater, and Fjord learns more about his mysterious patron...

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"Last we left off: The Mighty Nein, in following a thread of information that may tie into some aspect of Fjord's curious history after he chest-vored a sphere, discovered that it was apparently a group of individuals who were hired to retrieve this item and bring it to a Captain Avantika, Upon following this thread you found your way to the city of Nicodranas on the Menagerie Coast, outside of the Dwendallian Empire. You met up with Yasha once more and happened to take care of a man who was bothering Jester’s mother… very thoroughly.

Coming upon this character Marius Lepual, who you’ve been following, you got into an altercation at the docks and accidently took their boat. However, you did manage to sneak your way back to Nicodranas the following day before it seemed there was much of an uproar searching for you. You stealth hired a crew including bringing Orly, the Tortle Bard on as your navigator and made your way out to sea towards this island called Urukaxl that you believe may have been the one based on this piece of a map that you had recovered within the ship ‘The Mist.’

You then changed the name of the ship to ‘The Mistake’ You became Captain Tusktooth, following the map you made your way through the reef taking on a bit of water briefly but thankfully through some ingenuity, some quick repairs and the tenuous use of a magical tent you kept it from sinking and going towards the shore line of Urukaxl, There appeared to be another larger ship waiting in the nearest bay.

Upon attempting to make your way possibly around it to run aground. The ship seemed to be cutting you off and fired a warning cannon shot across the bow. You decided it was best to stop and begin to gather yourselves as two small rowboats were making their way toward the outside of ‘The Mistake’ to whatever ends that may come to…"

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Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 37c

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 37

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Jester Avantika by Amy King

Fan art of Avantika and Jester, by Amy King.[art 1]

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  • Fjord: (to Avantika) "I must commend you on your perceptiveness. My balls are quite large."[1]
  • Avantika: "Well, I guess now that we are out in the open, who the fuck are you and how did you come into possession of the Mist?.
    Fjord: "That is a wonderful story, one that I would love to share. You have the honor of being in the company of the Mighty Nein."
    Avantika: "But there are only seven of you."[2]
  • Jester: (to Fjord) "I need to feel your abs."

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  • This was Critical Role's very first live, in-canon episode on the East Coast. It was broadcast from the historic United Palace Theater in Washington Heights. Due to the location and technical difficulties, the stream was broadcast on a one-hour delay (so even though the actual live show in New York City began at 9:00 pm EDT, the stream didn't begin broadcasting until 10:00 pm EDT).
  • Technical difficulties delayed the posting of the VOD for this episode.[3][4]

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