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Danas (pronounced /ˈdænəs/)[2] was a female gnome who managed Prudaj Textiles in Jrusar. As an NPC, Danas was played by Matthew Mercer.



Danas had a bright shock of red hair.[3]


Danas had a strong will and a forceful personality befitting her managerial position.[4]


Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

Danas was at first helpful to the party later named Bells Hells when they arrived at Prudaj Textiles, greeting them with a bright smile and offering to answer any questions while they looked around even as she kept a close eye on the workers there to make sure they weren't slacking off while she was occupied.[5] As the encounter continued, she grew increasingly suspicious of the party's motives, and more urgent to get them out.[6]

After the party left and evening arrived, she was the last to leave the warehouse, scuttling between the crates which had been tampered with, gathering things from them and reclosing their lids with a jittery energy.[7] Imogen and Sir Bertrand pursued her at a distance, but she noticed and nervously confronted Imogen. Eventually, she entered the Weary Way Tavern and disappeared into the crowd.[8] Meanwhile, the rest of the party found evidence at the warehouse that Danas had been covering up the ongoing pilferage from the warehouse stock.[9]

When the entire party arrived at the Weary Way, they heard Danas's voice from inside an upstairs room, nervously explaining that people had been asking questions at the warehouse and she thought they had been found out. A sinister voice responded that it was because Danas couldn't keep her mouth shut or handle herself, putting him in danger himself. They would need to adjust their supply lines, and he would no longer require her services. There was a gasp and a gurgling sound.[10]

After the party broke into the room and the end of the ensuing battle, they found Danas's body under a table. They bundled it up and took it to Lord Eshteross along with the evidence of her treachery. He seemed surprised and saddened by what had occurred, but reasoned that, "Those who deal in dangerous realms run this risk." He took responsibility for making sure her family was compensated, and didn't think it necessary to sully their memory of Danas with the truth, but was perplexed as to who she was working with and why.[11]


Danas apparently had a good relationship with her employer, Lord Eshteross, as he seemed surprised by her embezzling from the warehouse stores. When she died, he stated he would compensate her family and not tell them of her criminal behavior.

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