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The Dagger of Denial is a dagger which is capable of magically sealing any lock.


The silver stiletto blade of the dagger appears similar to Damascus steel and bears intricate grooves that spiral from the point to the ivory hilt and handle.[2] The wielder has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. While attuned to this dagger, the wielder can spend an action to place the point of the blade into any keyhole and seal it shut. A keyhole sealed in this way cannot be unlocked until this dagger is placed into that keyhole once more. Attempting to seal a different keyhole unseals any previous sealed keyholes.[3]


The Mighty Nein found the dagger in the King's Cage, screwed into a wall of the room reflected in the mirrors.[4]. When it was placed in the hands of a carved angel on the doors of the final chamber, it caused the doors to open.[5] The doors closed again when it was removed.[6] Nott brought the dagger with her as the party fled the King's Cage after fighting Obann, The Laughing Hand, and Yasha.

When Fjord lost his warlock powers temporarily after destroying the embodiment of his pact with Uk'otoa, Nott gave him the dagger. He successfully wielded it against the remorhaz.[7] He returned the dagger to her when he regained his abilities, and she used it to deface a glyph within the Permaheart room of The Folding Halls of Halas.[8]

During the party at the Marquis Demesne in Nicodranas, when Jester lured Lord Robert Sharpe out onto a balcony, Veth used the dagger to lock the doors behind him.[9]

Veth gave the dagger to Vokodo as part of her "offering" to be allowed to escape Vokodo's lair.[10] She recovered it after Vokodo was killed.[11]


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