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D&D Beyond (DDB) is the official digital toolset and game companion for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.[3] It hosts online versions of the official Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition books, including rulebooks, adventure modules, and other supplements, as well as digital tools including a character builder, digital character sheets, sortable and filterable monster and spell listings, an encounter builders,[2] and an overlay Twitch extension.[7] In addition, the site also allows users to create and add custom homebrew content and publishes original video, stream, and article content, including staff interviews, content previews and tie-ins, and development updates.[2] D&D Beyond is operated by Curse LLC; originally a subsidiary to Twitch, Curse and all of its media assets, including D&D Beyond, were acquired by Fandom, Inc..[4]

Since January 2018, D&D Beyond has maintained an ongoing partnership with Critical Role Productions LLC.[8] As part of the partnership, D&D Beyond is a frequent sponsor of Critical Role,[9] and on the website, homebrew content created by Matthew Mercer, such as the Gunslinger and Blood Hunter, have been added under a "Critical Role" content category.[8]

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