Fan art of Mount Mentiri and the Bromkiln Hills, by Sally Grew.[art 1]

The Cyrios Mountains extend from the Frigid Depths to the Wuyun Gates and separate the Menagerie Coast and the Lushgut Forest from the rest of Wildemount.

Mount Mentiri

Northwest of Kamordah, rising above the surrounding mountains, lies the deep red-orange Mount Mentiri. It is widely believed to be the source of the geothermal activity in the area.[1] Isharnai the Prism Sage lives in a hut at its base.[2] The swamps surrounding the area are inhabited by vast numbers of husk zombies, the remains of those killed when the Julous Dominion wiped out a sect of worshipers of the Twilight Phoenix. The sect had a longstanding belief that Mount Mentiri was either the Phoenix's home, or what it became when eventually laid to rest, thus explaining the geothermal activity in the vicinity.[3]

Map of Wildemount with the Cyrios Mountains shaded blue-grey and outlined in dark red.


In the Nine Hells, the underground prison beneath the City of Dis is called the Mentiri. That the underground prison for Asmodeus's mount is called Mount Mentiri is presumably not a mere coincidence.



  1. Fan art of Mount Mentiri and the Bromkiln Hills, by Sally Grew (source).  Used with permission.
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