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The Cyrios End Forest is a woodland at the southwestern edge of the Cyrios Mountains.[1]


The Cyrios End Forest supplies the Menagerie Coast with lumber and wood pulp to create quality paper. The deeper portion of the forest is treacherous and full of dangerous creatures. There are also the ruins of a former Ki'Nau village and temple, but expeditions to learn more have been mostly unsuccessful; the participants either sustain serious injuries or fall ill, or else disappear into the jungle.[1]

The forest harbors one of the three temples of Zehir that were used to seal Uk'otoa.[2][3][4]


"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1" (Sx73) and "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2" (Sx74)[]

After the storm giant Thoonum and several deep scions took the final Cloven Crystal, the Mighty Nein (with Kingsley Tealeaf and without Caduceus Clay) reunited to race the minions of Uk'otoa to the final temple in the Cyrios End Forest. They teleported to the Wuyun Gates and flew over the jungle to catch up. The two parties battled at the temple of Zehir, and the scions managed to insert the final Cloven Crystal into the appropriate part of the temple to break the last seal.


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