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The Cyrengreen Forest is an extensive woodland area that lies just south of Deastok on the eastern edge of the Cyrios Mountains, stretching all the way from Deastok almost to the Wuyun Gates. Castle Lorelei sits along its edge not far from Deastok and generations of the Lorelei family have wandered its leafy depths, especially when in wolf form.[3]


The Cyrengreen, one of the larger forests within the Dwendalian Empire, is beautiful if somewhat ominous. On its edges it is green and lush with a soft forest floor beneath a beautiful canopy. A few more miles in and it becomes "darker, the branches growing more thick and intertwined, the shadows growing deeper, and the sounds of wildlife getting more and more prominent."[4] Despite the many rumors of dangerous creatures, and the abandoned cabins that dot the deeper portions of the Cyrengreen -- or perhaps because of them -- the forest is an appealing location for those wishing to evade the empire's laws and taxation. It is also a haven for lycanthropes, although the werewolves in the forest are themselves divided over whether to attempt rein in their more wolf-like characteristics, or to embrace them. The Claret Order of the Lycan makes their base deep within the woods.[1]

The Cyrengreen forest is logged by companies in both Deastok and Trostenwald and is the empire's second-largest source of lumber. Most logging is done at the forest's north and south edges to avoid the werewolves, displacer beasts, dangerous fey, ankhegs, and other hazardous denizens of the woodlands.[1]


In 826 PD, a mysterious glowing meteor crashed into and destroyed a portion of the forest. It was recovered by the Darrington Brigade and turned over to Master Doolan Tversky.[5][6]

The Cobalt Soul keeps records of "Blood Cults of the Cyrengreen Forest" with a subsection on "Bloodhunters."[7] They also have documents about Old Masqier, a gnomish hermit and healer that acts as the protector of this region.[8]

In 835 PD, after the War of Ash and Light was declared, criminals from Deastok helped in an attack on Castle Lorelei, and as part of the attack they reanimated the corpses of several of the deceased members of the family; however, the spell didn't control the dead as well as expected, and some of those undead ran away to the Cyrengreen Forest.[9][10]

After the apogee solstice of 843 PD it was reported that a sinkhole had appeared in the forest, and the trees close to it were turning black and leaning towards it.[11]

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