The Cyrengreen Forest is an extensive woodland area that lies just south of Deastok on the eastern edge of the Cyrios Mountains, stretching all the way from Deastok almost to the Wuyun Gates. Castle Lorelei sits along its edge not far from Deastok and generations of the Lorelei Family have wandered its leafy depths, especially when in wolf form.


The Cyrengreen, one of the larger forests within the Dwendalian Empire, is beautiful if somewhat ominous. On its edges it is green and lush with a soft forest floor beneath a beautiful canopy. A few more miles in and it becomes darker, the branches growing more thick and intertwined, the shadows growing deeper, and the sounds of wildlife getting more and more prominent.[2]


In 826 P.D., a mysterious glowing meteor crashed into and destroyed a portion of the forest. It was recovered by the Darrington Brigade and turned over to Master Doolan Tversky.[1][3]

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