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Symbol of The Scaled Tyrant.

The Cult of the Caustic Heart is a cult dedicated to Tiamat, the Scaled Tyrant.

Goals and Organization[]

The leaders of the Caustic Heart are determined to free Tiamat from her imprisonment in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. To further their schemes, the cult offers power and depravity to grasping and impressionable personalities, and entraps them with contracts and social leverage.[1]


Calianna - Rammaru

Fan art of Calianna, by Rammaru.[art 1]

The draconic sorcerer Calianna Mordsson, who lived on the streets in Port Damali, was taken in by the Cult of the Caustic Heart, who raised her telling her she was "special and important."[2]

"Stalker in the Swamp" (2x21)[]

Calianna, having escaped from the cult, bumped into the Mighty Nein in Berleben while she was looking for a ritual artifact of the cult's: an opulent bowl that, when filled with blood, could be used to commune with Tiamat in various ways. The combined party found the bowl in a merrow den in the Labenda Swamp, and Yasha Nydoorin destroyed the item with Magician's Judge.

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount[]

In the sourcebook, set around "The Endless Burrows" (2x50), the mid-level adventure hook A Friend in Need involves the cult having caught up with Calianna in the Felderwin Tillage and attempting to sacrifice her to Tiamat. The players interrupt the ritual, and Calianna asks the player characters to help in vanquishing the cult for good.[3]

Known Members[]


  • The Cobalt Soul theorizes that there is at least one other bowl like the one this cult wanted to use.[5]



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