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The Cryptic Collection is a shop in Rexxentrum, which sells magical goods, trinkets and odd musical instruments. The owner, Keona the Keen, is also able to provide certain custom-ordered goods over some time.[1]

Keona offered special prices for those who were sent by Ludinus Da'leth.[2]


The Cryptic Collection is nestled in the shaded gap between two large warehouses, at the end of an alleyway. It is a humble and somewhat creepy single-story, long shotgun-style structure, built of rustic, weathered wood, with a tiled roof decorated with numerous brass and iron chimes, wind instruments, and charms dangling from the edges.[3]

Inside is a warm, strangely humid apothecary and minor magical relic store containing a number of cages hanging from the top of the entryway and small moss-covered corner elements. The cages contain rats, ravens, and owls: general familiar-type creatures. Some of the tables hold chiseled and polished bones marked with runes and decorative carvings and made into flute-like instruments. The entire room smells of musky earth and mildewed leather, yet with every few steps, the smells seem to change into something else entirely. On the opposite end is a curtained doorway.[4]

Known Stock[]


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