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Critter Hug was a talk-show hosted by Mica Burton and Matthew Mercer in which they showcase projects, businesses and people in the tabletop community.


Originally planned as a monthly short (about twelve minutes) feature for Critical Role's YouTube channel, the COVID pandemic forced a change to a long-form conversational show streaming on Twitch, with a later release on YouTube and no set schedule. It still seeks "to spread love around our TTRPG community by highlighting creators, game stores, projects, and so much more, but with a new style."[1]


Hosted by Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton Theme song by Critical Bard
Original set design by Flip This Bitch Thumbnails by Grace Berríos Technical Difficulties card in the "Impossible Bard Make Up" episode at 33:55 by Wendy Doodles


No. Title Original airdate Link Runtime
1 Laser Drag Battles! 2020-05-04 VOD 12:03
Let the love fest begin! On the first episode of Critter Hug hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton flail over the Queens of Adventure divas, give head scritches to Laser Kittens, rep the Hollaback Nerds, and salute a Funkatronic Local Game Store in Phoenix, AZ.
2 Space Valentine Inc 2020-09-25 VOD 1:18:17
Hosts and hug-enthusiasts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton spotlight Black creators, designers, and businesses in our TTRPG community! Get hyped with us as Eloy Lasanta discusses designing Apocalypse Prevention Inc. Marvel at Persephiroth's incredible cosplays and dedication as DM of Fast Times at D&D High. Fall for the incredible game design metaphors of Jerry D. Grayson of Khepera Publishing. Learn about fusing passions to build a business with Christoff Vissche of Cantrip Candles. And join us in supporting the BTFA Collective. There's a lot to hug!
3 Crafting Grandma's Tale 2020-10-27 VOD 1:16:58
Hugging hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton hype up and interview a handful of awesome peeps in the tabletop community! Learn about DIY crafting for your games with Vee Mus'e, discover a new type of hero's story with Laura Simpson and the Companion's Tale, take in the wholesomeness of The D&D Grandma and the Family That Games Together, AND digitally relax with the teas and kitties of Donna Ricci's Geeky Teas and Games in Burbank, CA! There's a lot of hugging to get to!
4 DM Combat Banquet 2021-02-23 VOD 1:11:50
Hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton spotlight a selection of incredible creators and projects changing the game in the Tabletop Community! Meet Dungeon Master Aabria Iyengar, creator of the Combat Wheelchair Sara Thompson, game designers Banana Chan and Sen-Foong Lim, and our Critter Flag spotlight Paola's Pixels!
5 Impossible Bard Make Up 2021-07-29 VOD 1:06:47
Hosts Matthew Mercer and Mica Burton spotlight a selection of incredible creators and projects changing the game in the Tabletop Community! This episode, they virtually sit down with Critical Bard (the actor, singer, and Twitch streamer responsible for our very own Critter Hug theme song), Diana Gaeta (creator of Neverland The Impossible Island and podcaster on Femsplained), Flora (makeup artist extraordinaire), and for our Critter Flag salute, spotlight Game Chest in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!


  • The show is presumably named after the "Critter Hug of Death", the fan term for the volume of Critter interest in a website overwhelming and crashing it.[2]


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