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List of Transcripts

BRIAN: "Good evening, and welcome to our second annual Critmas episode Talk Machina."

LAURA: "You're so like chill, Brian."

BRIAN: "Thank you."

LAURA: "Yeah."

BRIAN: "Joining me are Taliesin, Liam, Laura, and Travis in order of Couchmas."

LIAM: "That's the name."

BRIAN: "Now, Matthew Mercer and Marisha could not be with us because they're doing some exciting appearances and things."

LIAM: "Matt went to Brazil.

BRIAN: "Matt went to Brazil."

LIAM: "And Marisha is currently in Delaware."

BRIAN: "Delaware?"

LIAM: "Delaware."

BRIAN: "Oh!"

LAURA: "It's beautiful there right now."

BRIAN: "I bet it's snowy and very beautiful."

LAURA: "Yeah."

BRIAN: "Uh, Sam Riegel act is in Los Angeles."

LIAM: "So we're told." BRIAN: "We're told he is."


LIAM: "We don't have a tracker on him or find my Iphone on him, right."

TRAVIS: "The Sam radar says he is inbound.

BRIAN: "He was here and then he had to get his Critmas spirit and then come back."

LIAM: "Right."

TALIESIN: "A bottle of Critmas spirit."

BRIAN: "Um so for if this is your first time watching, our last year's episode where we opened up all the gifts is on YouTube, so you can find that for free. If this is your fist time watching what we do for Critmas is the Critters send in a lot of incredible stuff, much of it homemade. A lot of letters, a lot of fun and interesting and weird things that they think the cast will love, and for Critmas we try to open as much of those as we can on the air and say thank you to everyone for sending those in and for thinking of everybody and so that's basically it. It's gonna be chill, it's gonna be fun. We're all gonna get a little tipsy and at the end of this probably crash at Denny's."

TRAVIS: "Cronked up."

LAURA: "Woah."

TRAVIS: "Cronked up."

LIAM: "Uh, Dani's or Denny's?"