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Looking for something to work on? We need either new articles or major work done on:

  • Spells: Wristpocket
  • History: Chroma Crisis (811 PD), Marrow War, Scattered War(~468-500 PD)
  • Places: Dreemoth Ravine, Zemni Fields, Silberquel Ridge, The Braan
  • Creatures: Sorrowsworn, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Green Dragon
  • Races: Goblinkin
  • Episode Summaries: "Enter Vasselheim" (1x16), "Hubris" (1x17), "Cindergrove Revisited" (1x46)

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Magpiemolly Magpiemolly 26 days ago

WinterNein Outfit Descriptions

Beau: Heavy boots; gaucho pants, fur lined; expositor belt, slate grey to cobalt blue (gradient); fur lined vest; all seeing eye pin

Caleb: Brown leather coat, long, fur lined; very thick scarf; modi…

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Magpiemolly Magpiemolly 26 days ago

Hello World

As we are first taught when coding begins, there is always a first message we can send:

hello world

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Durandal's Fate Durandal's Fate 6 September

Putting everything in order on the Time Line

For those who haven't seen it this week, there's a new page intended to put everything in the Critical Role universe in chronological order, and it helps put a lot of lore in perspective. Even if you've w…
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