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Welcome to the Critical Role Wiki. Spoiler Warning: Search at your own risk.

Spoiler Warning: Search at your own risk.

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The most recent episode of Critical Role.

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Campaign Three

The new campaign

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The Party

The new characters of Critical Role

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The Legend of Vox Machina

The Legend of Vox Machina premieres 4 February 2022

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Campaign 3 Episode 5
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If you've ever wondered whether anyone is reading the content you put so much effort into crafting, on 21 October 21 (the third campaign premiere date), the wiki hit 874668 page views on that date alone. Yes, we're being read! LynnE216 (talk)

Looking for something to work on? We need either new articles or major work done on:

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Laloulaloulalou Laloulaloulalou 2 days ago

On Content Warnings

I'm making this post to allow a place for discussing the Content Warnings page and its subpages. I highly encourage leaving suggestions and comments here! I write the vast majority of the warnings, a…

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Untropicalisland Untropicalisland 3 days ago

Wiki Survey Follow-ups!

Hi all, please see the follow-up survey summary below. I’ve also posted both sets of results:

Original Engagement Survey Results

Follow-up Survey Results

The first survey aimed to get a better idea of w…

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FreckledMcCree FreckledMcCree 9 days ago

Categorizing Images

Hey all! I'm going to be starting a very, very slow project of categorizing images. We have a metric ton of images here on the wiki (4,072 as of writing!), and it's very hard to locate ones that migh…

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