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Welcome to the Critical Role Wiki. Spoiler Warning: Search at your own risk.

Spoiler Warning: Search at your own risk.

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Latest Episode

The most recent episode of Exandria Unlimited.

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The Mighty Nein

The heroes of Critical Role.

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Chapter 19

The latest chapter of Critical Role.

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Timeline of Exandria

History year by year and day by day.

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Dexcuracy Dexcuracy 19 August

Admin statement regarding recent events - 19th of August 2021

This is a statement released by the team of administrators of the Critical Role Wiki.

To all editors of the Critical Role Wiki,

On Tuesday the 10th of August 2021 we promised to release a statement reg…

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FreckledMcCree FreckledMcCree 10 August

Sorting Episodes In Tables

This one is a little niche use, but I think it'll be really helpful for those cases. If you've ever tried to create a table that sorts a column with a bunch of templates, you've definitely noticed t…

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FreckledMcCree FreckledMcCree 20 July

Magically Converting Date Formats

Hey, everyone! It's possible you've noticed on some articles and templates that a date in the editing field doesn't match the formatting of the date displayed on the article. This is because I've bee…

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