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Welcome to the Critical Role Wiki. Spoiler Warning: Search at your own risk.

Spoiler Warning: Search at your own risk.

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Latest Episode

The most recent episode of Exandria Unlimited.

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The Mighty Nein

The heroes of Critical Role.

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Chapter 19

The latest chapter of Critical Role.

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Timeline of Exandria

History year by year and day by day.

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FreckledMcCree FreckledMcCree 4 days ago

Magically Converting Date Formats

Hey, everyone! It's possible you've noticed on some articles and templates that a date in the editing field doesn't match the formatting of the date displayed on the article. This is because I've bee…

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LynnE216 LynnE216 5 days ago

Who's coming to the Critical Role Wiki?

Since it always helps to know who the audience is, I wanted to share some information about the people who come to the Critical Role Wiki. Everything is approximate and constantly changing slightly, …

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Laloulaloulalou Laloulaloulalou 5 days ago

Filling the M9 Relationship pages

I'd like to formally request help to finish filling up the "Relationship between X and X" pages for the members of the Mighty Nein. With Campaign 3 coming soon, I suspect that we'll be spending less …

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