Critical Role Q&A and Battle Royale: Take II aired in lieu of "Umbrasyl" (1x55), which was postponed due to multiple cast members being absent.

In the first half of the episode, Matthew Mercer, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, and Marisha Ray answer questions sent in by the audience. In the second half of the episode, Percy, Pike, Keyleth, and Vax'ildan fight one another in a battle to the death.

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Final show down is between Keyleth and Pike.

Keyleth uses grasping vine which pulls pike into the lava pit in the centre of the map. This move brings Pike's HP down to 4.

In a last ditch effort, Pike slams into Keyleth, pushing her back into another stream of lava. Keyleth then takes 35 points of fire damage. Her total hit points at this point going from 51 bringing her points HP to 16. In the same round,Pike uses her bonus "Divine Word" spell, Keyleth fails her charisma saving throw and Pike walks over to burning Keyleth, touches her hair and says "Sorry, I need to kill you". With this, she pushes her face into the lava, the devine energy protecting her from the heat, and what was once Keyleth, lies a smoldering mass.

Pike is victorious!

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