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"Critical Role One-Shot: Shadow of War – Part 1" (Sx22) is the twenty-second special episode of Critical Role.  This episode is the first part of a one-shot taking place in the world of the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War video game.



This special one-shot is in partnership with WB Games in celebration of the release of their game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, for Xbox and Playstation, which all of them have worked on for an extended period of time. They go around sharing who they have voiced in the game.


Players and audience, welcome to Mordor. Chosen as the base to Sauron's foothold in the Second Age, these broken, ashen lands to the southeast of Middle-earth lay guarded by towering mountain ranges, ever dark beneath stormclouds and volcanic smoke spewed from within the fiery depths of Orodruin, or Mount Doom. Here in the Third Age, the once-thought-destroyed Dark Lord regains his strength, grows his armies, and prepares for his vengeance on the world of man and elves.

You, friends, are soldiers and warriors under this shadowed banner. Whether Uruk- or Olog-hai, you've been raised and trained in the savage pits and fields of these lands, given purpose amongst the ranks of Sauron's great army, taught to slaughter, to devour, to outsmart and destroy all who would oppose his will, or be punished for your insolence. You relish the thought of sinking your blades into elf-flesh, eager for the chance to prove yourself and rise among your fellow uruk to command greater power--and the rewards that come with it, of course. However, such a path is not as easy as the daydream would lead you to believe.

Now, you four have spent months stationed on the outskirts of the watch-fortress of Nargaroth, on the eastern edge of the massive Plateau of Gorgoroth, many miles southeast of Mount Doom. As part of the Marauder tribe, you've been sent on a few raids here and there, between here and the Sea of Nurnen, scrounging up what meager spoils are left when the bulk is brought to the feet of your war-chief, Barfta the Blood Pike. While you both dislike and respect his greed, you've seen him carve every challenger to his position to pieces as a show of power. You hope to show him your worth and achieve greatness under his specific banner. At least, that would help you with your limited access to quality meats or being sent out on aimless patrols that try your patience. Maybe one day.

For now, you sit amongst the rowdy riff-raff of the common tables in the fort courtyard, drinking from watered-down grog as you all celebrate a fairly unimpressive crushing of a not-too-far-away ghoul mound. You four have bonded out of a need for allies, for boredom here leads to violence, and it's good to have friends when the brawls begin. The late afternoon sees fading off what specter of sunlight ever finds itself in Mordor, and the smell of burnt meats and blood fills the air. Welcome. You hear the clanking of glasses and partially cracked mugs nearby. The cheers and rowdy screams and yells of various half-drunken uruk in your vicinity. You see two guys in the back far corner that are in the middle of a fist-fight with a small crowd gathering, but it's too measly for your attention. You all sit here, staring into your cups, contemplating your existence.


Arburuk, Mozuu, Skak, and Ur-Eden are sitting together at a table, discussing what to do next when they are interrupted by Hoshgrish Bootlick, who bumps into Mozuu's shoulder and spills his drink on him. Tensions flare, but the encounter ends after Mozuu claims to have been spoken to by Sauron, with Hoshgrish walking away from them. The ensuing conversation between the group about what Sauron sounds like comes to a halt when they hear a massive, echoing explosion right over their shoulders and see a flash of light and heat brighten the courtyard around them. The tower of Warchief Barfta, one of the three large towers of this fortress, is now in flames. Arrows are arcing in from over one of the walls. Everyone mobilizes in response.

Three very brutish-looking uruk with bulging muscles, dark helmets on, and a faint glow in their eyes are charging in and cleaving through the group's allies. Skak picks one off with his crossbow and sneak attack, and then it's initiative time.

Ur-Eden picks up his quarterstaff with two hands and swings, but it misses. The second attack does connect with a 26, and with a ki point spent and his medical knowledge, uses a Stunning Strike by hitting him between the legs. Arburuk comes up with her maul, hitting him like a batter, knocking him into the air 15 feet and onto the large wooden spikes of a nearby wall, impaling him. Because of looking at the beauty of the guy stuck on the spikes, she misses her second attack. An enemy brings down a battleaxe on Arburuk, inflicting 11 damage by slamming it between two plates of her armor and embedding itself somewhere in her torso. Mozuu casts Bane on him, shouting in a very powerful way, "I speak for Sauron."

Another volley of crossbow bolts and arrows comes flying over, maybe a dozen. Other Uruk are climbing to try and head these guys off in the distance. They are now at the base of the tower, where they hear a smaller explosion, muffled. More smoke's billowing out the side. About half of Barfta's chamber is engulfed in flames, the side nearest to the entrance. Skak finishes off the last enemy with his shortsword and sneak attack, stabbing into the back of his spine, so they can start rushing up the stairs of the tower.


  • No break during this episode.

Featured Characters[]

Player Characters[]


  • Hoshgrish Bootlick




  • Mozuu: There's two things you have to know about me. My name is Mozuu the Chosen, and that's it!
  • Ur-Eden: So I jab him right between the legs.
    Matt: What's the uruk term for that, by the way?
    Ur-Eden: Oh, right in the gronk.