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This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.


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"Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up" (Sx56) is the fifty-sixth special episode of Critical Role. Now that the Mighty Nein's Campaign 2 adventures have come to an end, the cast sits down for a roundtable discussion about every arc of their journey.



Arc 1 - Episodes 1-25: Come Together

  • Who is on the Tal'dorei Council?
  • How much did Taliesin know about Lucien?
  • Was Mollymauk undead in any way?
  • What was Fjord's whole deal?
  • Who was the skeleton in the basement of the Leaky Tap?
  • Who did the Sending Stone connect to?
  • What was Yasha doing when she kept leaving M9?
  • What happened when Liam ordered Sam to be a goblin rogue?
  • Sam's name games
  • What would've happened if they hadn't decided to do crimes?
  • What was up with Gustav?
  • Interview with Shakäste

Arc 2 - Episodes 26-47: The Bad Guys

  • What did Kiri build?
  • Did becoming parents change Fjord and Jester?
  • What were the creatures in that mosaic?
  • What is the Plank King's Relationship with the Cobalt Soul?
  • How did Nott feel about Nila?
  • Interview with Keg

Arc 3 - Episodes 48-69: The Bright Queen's Favor

  • Did Matt have to rework plans when the Mighty Nein decided to follow the worms?
  • What was evil Essek supposed to be like?
  • Did Caleb ever come close to confessing his love to Jester?
  • What would have happened if they had not given up the Beacon?
  • Who did Caleb instinctually kill on sight?
  • What is Essek's brother like?
  • Interview with Nila


Arc 4 - Episodes 70-91: Swords and Angels

  • What was Yasha and Obann's history together?
  • What did Trent want with Yasha?
  • Was there any connections between the Laughing Hand and Aeor?
  • Did you ever think that Artagan was evil?
  • When did Sprinkle become Artagan?
  • Which NPCs were Artagan?
  • How does Beau move forward with the Cobalt Soul?
  • What was in Gelidon's Cave?
  • What would have happened if they released Halas?
  • Could Fjord have intimidated Uk'otoa?
  • Interview with Reani

Arc 5 - Episodes 92-112: Family Ties

  • How does the hag feel about Jester?
  • What was up with all the corrupt forests?
  • When did Beau fall in love with Yasha?
  • When did Yasha fall in love with Beau?
  • How would Veth's relationship with the group have changed if she hadn't broken her curse?
  • What was planning for Caleb's time travel ambitions?
  • Does Beau plan on saving her brother?
  • Interview with Spurt

Arc 6 - Episodes 113-141: Weird Magic

  • What happened to Henry Crabgrass?
  • What were the mechanics of the eye tattoos?
  • What happened to Devexian?
  • What were the blue bubbles in Aeor?
  • What was the Luxon?
  • Where will Jester and Traveler explore next?
  • What will Jester and Fjord do with their lives?
  • What was at A?
  • What would have happened if Essek and Caleb broke time?
  • What were the statues sitting in the middle of Eiselcross?
  • What were the barbs in the Barbed Fields?
  • What was up with the ice spider?
  • Would Trent have helped if they had called him?
  • Who broke Caleb out of the sanatorium?
  • Who was Doolan Tversky?
  • Was that one orc Fjord's dad?
  • Was Vax watching the Mighty Nein's exploits?
  • How did Jester's parents end up?


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