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"Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up" (Sx56) is the fifty-sixth special episode of Critical Role. Now that the Mighty Nein's Campaign 2 adventures have come to an end, the cast sits down for a roundtable discussion about every arc of their journey.



Arc 1 - Episodes 1-25: Come Together

  • Who is on the Tal'dorei Council?
  • How much did Taliesin know about Lucien?
  • Was Mollymauk undead in any way?
  • What was Fjord's whole deal?
  • Who was the skeleton in the basement of the Leaky Tap?
  • Who did the Sending Stone connect to?
  • What was Yasha doing when she kept leaving M9?
  • What happened when Liam ordered Sam to be a goblin rogue?
  • Sam's name games
  • What would've happened if they hadn't decided to do crimes?
  • What was up with Gustav?
  • Interview with Shakäste

Arc 2 - Episodes 26-47: The Bad Guys

  • What did Kiri build?
  • Did becoming parents change Fjord and Jester?
  • What were the creatures in that mosaic?
  • What is the Plank King's Relationship with the Cobalt Soul?
  • How did Nott feel about Nila?
  • Interview with Keg

Arc 3 - Episodes 48-69: The Bright Queen's Favor

  • Did Matt have to rework plans when the Mighty Nein decided to follow the worms?
  • What was evil Essek supposed to be like?
  • Did Caleb ever come close to confessing his love to Jester?
  • What would have happened if they had not given up the Beacon?
  • Who did Caleb instinctually kill on sight?
  • What is Essek's brother like?
  • Interview with Nila


Arc 4 - Episodes 70-91: Swords and Angels

  • What was Yasha and Obann's history together?
  • What did Trent want with Yasha?
  • Was there any connections between the Laughing Hand and Aeor?
  • Did you ever think that Artagan was evil?
  • When did Sprinkle become Artagan?
  • Which NPCs were Artagan?
  • How does Beau move forward with the Cobalt Soul?
  • What was in Gelidon's Cave?
  • What would have happened if they released Halas?
  • Could Fjord have intimidated Uk'otoa?
  • Interview with Reani

Arc 5 - Episodes 92-112: Family Ties

  • How does the hag feel about Jester?
  • What was up with all the corrupt forests?
  • When did Beau fall in love with Yasha?
  • When did Yasha fall in love with Beau?
  • How would Veth's relationship with the group have changed if she hadn't broken her curse?
  • What was planning for Caleb's time travel ambitions?
  • Does Beau plan on saving her brother?
  • Interview with Spurt

Arc 6 - Episodes 113-141: Weird Magic

  • What happened to Henry Crabgrass?
  • What were the mechanics of the eye tattoos?
  • What happened to Devexian?
  • What were the blue bubbles in Aeor?
  • What was the Luxon?
  • Where will Jester and Traveler explore next?
  • What will Jester and Fjord do with their lives?
  • What was at A?
  • What would have happened if Essek and Caleb broke time?
  • What were the statues sitting in the middle of Eiselcross?
  • What were the barbs in the Barbed Fields?
  • What was up with the ice spider?
  • Would Trent have helped if they had called him?
  • Who broke Caleb out of the sanatorium?
  • Who was Doolan Tversky?
  • Was that one orc Fjord's dad?
  • Was Vax watching the Mighty Nein's exploits?
  • How did Jester's parents end up?


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