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"Critical Role Answers Your Questions at SDCC!" (Sx14) is the fourteenth special episode of Critical Role. This Q&A panel took place as part of the "Camp Conival 2016" events organized by Nerdist and Geek & Sundry at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.



  • For Matt: How do you balance what you tell the players afterward and what to keep secret for them to find when they come back?
  • For everyone: If you'll die, what would be your next character, class-wise or character-wise?
  • For everyone: Would be their more live shows and are you planning at some point to bring back your guest stars to the show?
  • For everyone: If your characters were Pokemon, which ones would they be?
    • Answer from Taliesin: "I love Mewtwo, since he's the most evil."
    • Answer from Marisha: "Maybe Growlithe, because it's most like Minxie."
    • Answer from Matt: "I can see Scanlan as like a Gengar"
  • For Matt and Liam: Have any advice on systems or story content to DM for the autistic kid? Does Liam have advice from doing campaigns with his kids?
    • Answer from Liam: "Keep it simple in the beginning. Start with a tavern. Start in the town. Start with a swamp. And just slowly build out from there."
    • Answer from Matt: "Make sure that they feel like it's a welcoming and comfortable place where the challenges are difficult and success is really fulfilling."
  • For everyone: What would be the class and race of your favorite character that you have voiced and why?
  • For everyone: If Vox Machina existed in a science fiction setting instead of fantasy, what would your characters be like?
  • For everyone: Do you discuss the show afterward?
  • For Matt: How do I balance between combat and narrative?
  • For everyone: "When is the first time that your players have actually done fanfic of their character?"
  • For Matt: Do you think someone should experience Dungeons & Dragons as a player before DMing?
  • For everyone: Are there any scenes you have not seen fan art of but would like to?
  • For Matt: How do you push through writer's block?
  • For everyone: What's it like to be in the center of a Comic-Con panel?
  • For Matt: How to help a DM if you are the player who built up story and lore?
  • For everyone: How to flesh out my character?