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I have never written anything like this before. The process has been a delightfully challenging and rewarding experience throughout, and I have my talented allies in its creation to thank. I now stand at the end of my journey of putting this unique, personal, and colorful world onto paper from within my head, and I am extremely proud of what we've done… and I sincerely hope you feel the same.
Matthew Mercer[5]

Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting is a sourcebook written by Matthew Mercer with the help of James Haeck. It was published on October 17, 2017[2] by Green Ronin Publishing and was available in both hardcover and PDF formats, but is now out of print.

The guide is presented as a reference for players looking to run their own campaigns in the setting inhabited by Vox Machina.[5] It is also accepted as a canon resource for the purposes of this wiki. The guide covers in detail the history, geography, politics, and other lore of the continent of Tal'Dorei as of 812 PD, one year after the fall of the Chroma Conclave.[6] As such, it contains some information that has never been covered in the main storyline of Critical Role.

The book would later receive an updated and expanded rerelease in the form of Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn.

Publisher's summary

Critical Role has taken the roleplaying world by storm and now you can join the adventure! Until now, the wondrous and dangerous lands of Tal'Dorei have been the sole stomping grounds of the show's adventuring company, Vox Machina. But now, you can explore these realms in a tome from the pen of Game Master Matt Mercer himself! Will you find one of the revered Vestiges of Divergence or perhaps discover part of the Chroma Conclave's legacy? Can you help the Ashari in their sacred charge to prevent the elemental vortices from overwhelming the world, or will you find yourself embroiled in the machinations of the Clasp? This setting book takes an in-depth look at the history, people, and places of Tal'Dorei, and includes new backgrounds, magic items, and monsters for the Fifth Edition rules.
Publisher's summary[2]


Introduction (by Matthew Mercer)

Chapter 1: Campaigns in Tal'Dorei

Chapter 2: Gazetter of Tal'Dorei

Chapter 3: Character Options

Chapter 4: Allies and Adversaries



Vox Machina
Doty (picture only) • Grog StrongjawKeylethPercival de RoloPike Trickfoot (picture only) • Scanlan ShorthaltTaryon Darrington (picture only) • Trinket (picture only) • Vax'ildanVex'ahlia
AsmodeusAvandraBahamutBaneCorellonErathisGruumshIounKordLolthMeloraMoradinPelorThe Raven QueenThe Raven Queen's predecessorSarenraeSehanineTharizdunTiamatTorogZehir
Appeared in Campaign One
Allura VysorenAnna RipleyArtaganAssum EmringBrimscytheBrom GoldhandCassandra de RoloClarotaDelilah BriarwoodDrake ThunderbrandDranzelEarth Titan (indirect mention only) • Elle GorgofonEskil RyndarienForscythiaGaldricIbbimasIvonJekt Wince ("Jekt") • J'mon Sa OrdKamaljioriKevdakKorrinK'VarnLady Kima of VordMikael DaxioMurgholNostoc GreyspinePa'ticePurvan Suul ("Purvon Kol") • RaishanSalda Tal'DoreiSaundorShaun GilmoreShennSherriSun TreeSylas BriarwoodThordakThordak's spawnThurmond AdlamTyrelda ("Tirelda") • Tofor BrotorasUlaraUmbrasylUriel Tal'Dorei IIIVorugalVecnaWarrenZanror ("Zanroar")
Appeared in the pre-stream adventures or mentioned in Campaign One
Atrix (indirect mention only) • Dwala (indirect mention only) • ErrevonGradim GreyspineKradin GrimthorneModeth LaiOrcus ("the Demon Prince of Undeath") • Ozwyn Gruude ("Oz Gruude") • SammanarSevil HowthessTrystaVilyaWhite DukeYenlaraYos Varda
Not mentioned in Campaign One, but appeared or mentioned later on-stream
Bertrand DwendalElmenoreGraz'ztLeylas KrynLorkatharRyn
Other NPCs
AbdarAcek OrattimAedlaArdoklesArethusaArhanna LewynArtenn GitelleAtz YuminorAuld ConnaughtAvandrosBlack KingBlenton ZuurthomBrandon ZimmersetBruel SunderchinBurning OakCalis KrishtanCatyurit family (Empi, Foryuna, Helina, and Rych) • CedargauntCelindarClemain AsturalDavia RedtressesDiassa KwynnDrunneq BronzegripDuanaDurromDyamakElikkaEstella LadimarEye of the StormFei YujianFelrinn DerevarFetchGholeshGloria IosGroganGrudHaddi BronzegripHanna WasseranHdarHeinrich RunescribeHexenIchabarrIda MudrakeIllaman FalconsongIl'shavfaIxrattu KharJaktur KrishtanJeremiah SookJillian SylphJorick LaMenshJorlund VohrJorn KrastefJorskymmarKaraline von EthroKay ClearsightKeeper of the MoontidesKeinlaKyle WollL'ArkhelleLissanaLornak SyfeLuneskonLustran ZethLyssev SorvelineMaina RusallaMaledicta HexosMaledicta Hexos's lieutenantMauvlettirMolten TitanMoon MistressMurghol and Ulara's daughterThe NamelessNarrelNeminar DrassigNorad FirthNyxOalanOben SunderchinOdellan Tal'DoreiOluk WagonsbaneOvam'muraOuestraPalest WestruunPerron BrillPrudenceQuash DentdruggleQuinton PuckRawndelRensten WollRillSeanor WilesSevil Howthess's grandchildrenShaktiaShef SilverleafShelaSightless OneSilvercombTemmik LarsTeresa DulamarThangrulThardraxxusTheadorn KrazzTheona BalmhandThunderchaserTodoraTrist DrassigTrence OrmanTz'JarrUdahUmentuUnidentified Arcana Pansophical spyUnidentified doppelgangerUnidentified drow assassinUnidentified duergar princeUnidentified frost giant jarlUnidentified hill giantUnidentified investigatorUnidentified manawortUnidentified myconoid monarchUnidentified oniUnidentified pet remorhazVasiliosVespin ChlorasVrylaska FellbranchVryllWakenWallera Glorendar ("Wallera Glorenthar") • WapalmterWarren DrassigWendle TrussWilmet WizcrackWindybranchWinston DestwilerWodenWyrmhide ThunderbrandYabber Tinysoot XIVYenlara's grandsonYurek WindkeeperZan Tal'DoreiZilloaZuun'dak


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