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"Critical Role: Grog's One-Shot" (Sx26) is the twenty-sixth special episode of Critical RoleGrog plays a game of 'Bunions and Flagons' with Percy, Scanlan, Vax, and Vex.




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Fan art of Vox Machina playing Bunions and Flagons, by Hugo Cardenas.[art 1]


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  • Travis: (Takes long drink from flagon) Ahh! We're fucking doing this.
  • Grog: Hey, hey. Look, I know we've got a night to ourselves. I was wondering if maybe we could all like play a game I heard about...right, so I was in the tavern the other day, right? And I heard about this game, uh, I think it's called: 'Bunions and Flagons', right? And you all are going to play little, itty-bitty, versions of yourselves. And all you have to do is use your imaginations. I'm going to tell you a story and then, like, you contribute, tell me what you want to do, and I'll draw out little maps and we'll go on an adventure.
  • Grog: Pike gets up and she's like...(drunken slurring) you guys, I---I love being...your friends
    (Laura, Liam, Sam, and Taliesin burst into laughter)
    Taliesin: Too real
    Liam: Dimensional distortion there for a second
  • Grog: Make a perception check
    Vex: Okay...erm, a 31
    Grog: You don't see anything, unfortunately. It's just unforuntate.
    (Sam, Liam, and Taliesin roar with laughter. Laura is not amused)
    Vex: Grog, Grog! 31 is higher than 15! 31's really high. It's high!
    Grog: (Pause) Right, so you see, uh, her geneology going back like, uh, four generations. You see...
    Vex: Do you even know what geneology is?
    Grog: Yeah, it's like, you know, a blue denim.
  • Grog: In this game, if you notice something, call it out to each other. Because what one person sees, the other...some of you might not see. And just cause you know it at the table, doesn't mean you know it in your minds.
    Vex: Wow, this game's so smart.
    Vax: You made that, you just made that up.
    Grog: No, that's how this goes, I promise.
    Vax: Where did you learn this game?
    Grog: I was in a tavern and this long-haired guy was just playing a game at a table and I thought it was fuckin' great. I watched for a while, like hours. I was hooked. I might go back next week and watch.
    (The cast laughs as the universe implodes from the level of meta in that joke)
  • Vax: But, you said that there were no points, and you got points?
    Grog: No, no, they're not points. They're XP.
    Scanlan: What does that stand for Grog?
    Grog: Xylophone Players
    (Sam bursts into laughter)
    Percy: 300 Xylophone Players. My God, you could retire on that. In fact, you can retire quite well on that.
  • Vex: Trinket what happened?!
    Grog: (doing a Trinket impression) Well, I had the worst stomachache. Oh, I don't know...I ate that meatball from Scanlan and then I fuckin' died...
    (The cast laughs)
    ...I don't want to make any assumptions, but...
    (The cast and crew of Critical Role burst out laughing)


  • The idea for Grog to run a one-shot seemed to be invented on the spot in "Talks Machina #7: 'Thordak'" (TMx07), ten months earlier.[1]
  • The half-orc and tiefling couple with a baby that the party meets early in their adventure is an early reference to Fjord and Jester, and to Travis and Laura's then-unborn baby. Laura's pregnancy wasn't publicly announced until a few months later.



  1. Fan art of Vox Machina playing Bunions and Flagons, by Hugo Cardenas (source).  Used with permission.