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Crit Recap Animated is a series of short animated videos summarizing the events of Campaign Two. The show is narrated by Dani Carr with the main cast of Critical Role providing voices for their player characters. Episodes are uploaded to YouTube approximately bi-monthly.

Production and release[]

Crit Recap Animated is the spiritual successor to Critical Recap, a series where Dani Carr summarized the events of the previous episode or batch of episodes on the Critical Role set and added her own commentary. Critical Recap stopped airing in video form after "Unwanted Reunions" (2x88) and continued as blog posts written by Dani available every Wednesday on the Critical Role website.

Crit Recap Animated episodes are uploaded to Critical Role's YouTube channel approximately bi-monthly and also air during the half-time break of the following episode of Critical Role live on Twitch and YouTube.


  • In "Meet the Mighty Nein", the order the characters were introduced in is nearly identical to the order the players introduced themselves in the game, with the exception of Fjord and Beauregard, who switched places.
  • Yasha in certain scenes wears a white lab coat references her role as Patterson in Blindspot,
  • So far, all of Campaign Two's special guests characters have been voiced by their respective players with the exception of Shakäste and Spurt, who do not have a speaking role.
  • "Come Together" included a globe, featuring the first depiction of the Shattered Teeth from an official source. The arrangement and shape of the islands is similar to the fan-made depiction first used on this wiki.[1]
  • After Nott shares her backstory in "The Gentleman's Bargain", Caleb answers with "That's rough, buddy", quoting a famous line from Avatar: The Last Airbender, where it was spoken in a similar context. The line was used again by Jester after Yasha shared her own backstory.
  • "Iron and Blood" features vignettes of Keg, Nila and Caduceus that mimic the template used to announce new playable characters in the Super Smash Bros. video game series.
  • In "Family Ties", Keyleth is briefly seen through the portal. And Artagan mentioned that she is not important.
  • In "The Sword and the Angel", the Mighty Nein perform the Ginyu Force fighting pose from Dragon Ball when they are about to stop Obann from stealing the heart.
  • In the Finale of Crit Recap, Caduceus Clay is the only one who notices Dani the entire time.
  • Dani ends every episode of the show with the words "Oh, Mighty Nein."


No. Title Episodes recapped Original airdate Link Runtime
1 "Meet the Mighty Nein" 2020-12-23 VOD 03:07
Get to know the Mighty Nein with the adorable animated form of Lore Keeper Dani Carr!
2 "Come Together" "Curious Beginnings" (2x01) to "The Gates of Zadash" (2x08) 2021-02-17 VOD 03:56
The adventure begins! From first meetings in Trostenwald to their arrival at the gates of Zadash, learn what brought the Mighty Nein together with an adorable animated recap encompassing Campaign 2, Episodes 1-8, narrated by our very own Lore Master Dani Carr!
3 "Secrets of Zadash" "Steam and Conversation" (2x09) to "A Favor in Kind" (2x16) 2021-04-14 VOD 04:17
Dani Carr rehashes the Mighty Nein's Zadash adventures from Campaign 2, Episodes 9-16! The Mighty Nein make a splash in Zadash, Molly gets a blast from his past, new friends and a strange artifact are amassed, and of course it wouldn't be early campaign days without some intraparty clash.
4 "The Gentleman's Bargain" "Harvest Close" (2x17) to "Divergent Paths" (2x25) 2021-05-19 VOD 04:03
The Mighty Nein strike a deal with the Gentleman and leave Zadash on a mission to do some crime! Where will this journey take them?
5 "Iron and Blood" "Found & Lost" (2x26) to "Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35) 2021-07-07 VOD 03:45
The remaining members of the Mighty Nein pursue their lost friends, collecting allies along a road filled with unexpected tragedy. Reunions, revelations, and goodbyes spur them on to the next leg of their journey, departing from the port of Nicodranas.
6 "Adventure on the High Seas" "O Captain, Who's Captain?" (2x36) to "The Second Seal" (2x47) 2021-08-18 VOD 04:44
The Mighty Nein face the consequences of their own actions and are pirates now, adventuring on the seas.
7 "The Other Side" "Homeward Bound" (2x48) to "The King's Cage" (2x69) 2021-10-14 VOD 05:33
The Mighty Nein return to Nott's hometown of Felderwin and follow leads to discover people once lost now found... for better and for worse.
8 "The Sword & The Angel" "Causatum" (2x70) to "Stone to Clay" (2x91) 2021-12-15 VOD 05:04
On a mission to save Yasha, the Mighty Nein encounter new friends who provide a freshly fjorged path before ultimately dealing with the dangers ahead.
9 "Family Ties" "Home is Where the Heart Is" (2x92) to "The Chase Begins" (2x112) 2022-2-24 VOD 05:43
The Mighty Nein trade off on backstory quests before the strings of fate lead them back to Molly...
10 "Weird Magic" "A Heart Grown Cold" (2x113) to "Fond Farewells" (2x141) 2022-8-03 VOD 07:47
The Mighty Nein embark on their final adventure of Campaign 2.


  1. See the map of Exandria, by West Haberlein. The image was uploaded on June 20th, 2020, eight months before the release of "Come Together".