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...and watched Matthew facepalm 324 times (thanks, CritRole Stats!).
CritRoleStats, you've all done such an incredible work and you've been such an invaluable community resource, and we will be eternally grateful for you. [...] Thank you so much for absolutely everything.

CritRoleStats (or CritRole Stats) is a fan-run website that tracked statistics about Critical Role, including monster and boss analyses, episode livecasts, lists of episode media references and puns, and a variety of running stats including timelines and NPC names.


The website evolved from Andrew's personal notes that he had been taking regularly during the stream,[4] and continued being updated through the end of 2023. On November 15, 2023, CritRoleStats announced that as of the end of the year, the site would no longer be updated, although it would remain available as an archive.[5]

Although the team is no longer actively tracking statistics from "Rush for the Bloody Bridge" (3x82) onward, data collection and updates will continue on the site to the end of Campaign Three: Bells Hells, courtesy of their archivist successors, The Omen Archive. The remaining CritRoleStats team members will update this site’s statistics, galleries, and other informational pages as it is received. [6][7] All data on The Omen Archive website from prior to Campaign 3 Episode 82 was provided by the team at CritRoleStats.



Through 2023, CritRoleStas has general stats on each campaign on a number of different topics:

  • Crits and Rolls - Nat 20s and Nat 1s by both PCs and the DM
  • Time and Attendance - Tracking the days of each campaign, including a google doc of how often each player was in attendance.
  • Player Records - This changes based on campaign, but concerns stats specific to the PCs, e.g. Percy's misfires and Jester's Sketchbook
  • Rankings - Ranks each player in various categories, e.g. average/total damage dealt and number and type of spells cast by each player
  • Lore (Campaign One only) - Recording the lore of the Vestiges, the Pantheon, and any Blessings bestowed upon the party
  • References - All media references, puns and other references made
  • Galleries - Maps and updated on Sam's Shirts or Mug/Flask/Can
  • Monster Analyses


As of July 2022, CritRoleStats website was regularly maintained by four people:[8]

  • Andrew K was the administrator of CritRoleStats.[8] He started the website, usually ran the live Twitter feed, led the monster analyses, tracked running times, tracked attendance, and oversaw anything that might be connected with the DM side of Critical Role.[9] He started watching Critical Role live beginning with "Trial of the Take: Part 1" (1x18).[10]
  • Katherine K was the chief character statistician.[8] She took point on creating all the character sheets, tracking HP shifts during the broadcast (healing, damage, etc.), and general editing. She is engaged to Andrew and was the one who got him into the Critical Role.[11]
  • Singing Badger was the chief of live data and archival references.[8] Singing Badger ran media references, tracked every die roll, organized volunteers, and ran all of the "behind-the-scenes stats".[12]
  • Dr. Lauren K analyzed and compiled the spreadsheets of all the dice rolls and anything else connected with numbers.[13]




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