The Crispvale Thicket is located in the northeast of the Dwendalian Empire, on southwest quadrant of the crossroads between the Crispvale Roadway and the Glory Run Road. It is a beautiful cluster of dark-green trees of varying heights. The trees grow thicker in the middle, where the actual canopy of dark green pine trees starts to gather.[1] In 835, P.D. a small, disused farmhouse was located 200 feet from the treeline.[2] Northeast of the thicket, there are bits of natural rock that had either been left by some long-ago volcanic detonation in the distance, or pushed up through the ground by tectonic movement.[3]

Small farmhouse

The small modest one story farmhouse had part of its roof caved in. There were once two windows that had pane glass, that had been shattered, with jagged edges along the bottom side of its sill.[4]

It had a fireplace with a wood and stonework mantle that had been smoothed over in its damage. On top of it was a small, iron symbol of Pelor crest on it.[5] The furniture was damaged and in disarray some of it looks burned weirdly. There was a layer of dust everywhere. There was a smell of old rot and mildew. There was a bundle of five unused torches, a well-made handaxe that was a little old and rusted, but it's still functional, and a filled oil lantern.[6]

The land around the house was inhabited by carnivorous ankhegs.

The Crispvale Thicket Battle Map.

Known Inhabitants


"Found & Lost" (2x26)

Fan art of Ankheg attacking horses, by Callum Lyall.[art 1]

While the Mighty Nein was heading north from Hupperdook towards Shadycreek Run in an effort to catch the Iron Shepherds and rescue Jester, Fjord, and Yasha from enslavement, they decided to not take the path through towards the crossroads but instead take the presumed quicker path around the forest. Making their way around the forest they discovered an abandoned homestead. Making camp, after investigating the house the party prepared to take a rest. They sensed localized rumbling and the horses became distressed, and then the party was assaulted by group of ankheg that emerged out of the ground and spit acid at their horses. Two of the horses (Water Closet[7] and...Loo[8]) were killed outright or had to be put down.


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