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Crispin[4] is a member of the group of miners led by Thorn.



Crispin is "a slender girl", in her teenage years when she met Vex'ahlia around 807 PD.[2][1] She wore a black cloak and carried "an impressive glaive", "taller than she was."[1]



Crispin lived in Jorenn Village prior to the conflict between the Shadewatch and the miners.[3]

Kith & Kin[]

When Vex'ahlia and Trinket visited the miners' hideout, Crispin and an older male halfling with a crossbow were standing guard by one of the entrances, an illusory boulder.[1] Vex'ahlia threw Crispin off balance and held her hostage for a moment, to protect herself from the halfling archer.[5] At Thorn's instruction, Crispin dropped her glaive, and Vex'ahlia let her go.[5] Crispin and the halfling remained where they were to guard while Thorn and Vax'ildan led Vex'ahlia and Trinket into the mines.[5] Later that day, Crispin ran into the main cavern to warn the rest of the miners that the Shadewatch was back.[6] She told Thorn that they were already inside the mines, meaning they didn't have much time to prepare.[7] A teenage boy wrapped his arms around her, as the group took in the reality of their situation.[7]

By the next morning, all of the miners had been captured, presumably including Crispin.[8] The adults were detained in the town jail and the children kept in The Scattered Bar; it is unknown which group Crispin was placed in, as she was a teenager.[8] Immediately after the fight that occurred in Shade Hall, Wick, the de facto leader of Jorenn Village, released the imprisoned miners.[9] Crispin presumably returned to the mines with Faril.[9]

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