The Crimson Sphere of Generosity, also known as the "Crimson Orb of Generosity", is a legendary magic artifact. It is a red orb that can be worn on the nose.[1]

If someone concentrates on the orb, their consciousness pierces its shiny exterior, and they have the ability to see hundreds of thousands of people pouring their faith, joy and generosity towards the central relic, giving it and the wielder the power to help those who need it.[1]

When the orb is worn it locks onto the nose, and the generosity pouring from the people now pours into the wielder.[1]

When worn in combination with the Exalting Blade of Favor, its surge of generosity is doubled.[1]

History Edit

It was studied by Zathkira the Mad, who was in search of the power of generosity. It was later taken by Capo in his quest to alleviate children's poverty.

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