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"Crash Pandas: Too Trashed, Too Curious" (Sx37) is the thirty-seventh special episode of Critical Role. Sam Riegel's raucous raccoon speedsters are hitting the road with our special Crash Pandas one-shot!



This is a special oneshot that we're doing as a thank you and a celebration to the Critters and to the donors who have supported our awesome charity push for the Pablove Foundation. Pablove Foundation is a great organization that raises money to fund research for and support people going through childhood cancer. We have raised a butt ton of money so far, over $70,000! And by we, I mean you, the Critters out there. Please, the donations are still open, you can donate now, and should, throughout the night. You can still tag yourself in the description field with #criticalrole and be entered to win a prize.


  • A prize will be giving away at the end of the show with the help of Blair Herter.


To Dumpster Dive in LA. Silver Lake, California, home to hot yoga studios, pretentious coffee shops, raw vegan juice bars, unironic penny farthing bikes, and vermin. That's you, five mangy raccoons scraping out an existence with your opposable thumbs. But the Silver Lake dump's trash supply is drying up! Too many hipsters are recycling, or worse, composting their scraps for their urban gardens. Freegans and hobos grab the best stuff for themselves, avant garde artists take what they need for their political art statements, and the rats! Don't even get me started on the rats! Some raccoons have moved away, starved, or have started pretending to be house cats. Bottom line: times are tough. You need a source of yummy trash or you'll die. You've heard about an illegal street racing circuit called the Racing on Dangerous Extreme Nighttime Terrain, or R.O.D.E.N.T., circuit. It's a deadly, ironically humans-only, street-racing competition with obstacles, traps, and danger held once a year, where the winner gets a cash prize, useless; a trophy, also useless; and access to the coveted turf: the parking lots of the Staples Center after closing time. This is the best street-racing turf in LA. Unguarded multi-level parking structures with long strips of pavement! But more important to you guys, it's home to 22 jumbo-size stadium dumpsters, with all the old hot dogs, stale beer, and half-eaten churros you could want. It's a raccoon's trash dream, and it could set you and the crew up for the next year. Scene One: A Dry River Runs Through It. It's a calm summer evening, dusk. The five of you have gathered on the dried-out cement banks of the LA River. Taggers cover the place in graffiti. You've been told that there's going to be a qualifying race here tonight, a high-octane battle of guts and speed. Maybe there's a way for you to enter and move on to the big show, the R.O.D.E.N.T. circuit championship. Sure, you want that food, but you've all got your own reasons for being here.

No break in this episode.

Featured Characters[]

Crash pandas by @adragonswinging

Fan art of racing racoons, by adragonswinging.[art 1]

Player Characters[]


  • Grecian Toretto


  • Sam: You've heard of an illegal street racing circuit called the Racing On Dangerous Extreme Nighttime Terrain or R.O.D.E.N.T Circuit.[1]


  • This game was made possible thanks to the donations of Critters to the Pablove Foundation.
  • Per Sam's love of puns/homage, the special's title has a double reference: in addition to the Crash Pandas game system being a play on the term "Trash Panda" in reference to raccoons, the "Too Trashed, Too Curious" subtitle is a reference to the film 2 Fast, 2 Furious.


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  1. Fan art of racing racoons, by adragonswinging (source). Used with permission.