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Covak is a very old gnoll who worships the Traveler. As an NPC, Covak is played by Matthew Mercer.

Covak - Kileigh Gallagher

Fan art of Covak, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 2]



Covak is a very elderly, frail-looking gnoll whose fur has become mostly white and grey, or fallen away to reveal heavily wrinkled skin. He walks hunched-over with a cane. Covak is even missing a few teeth, and has noticeably bad breath.



Covak is an elderly gnoll resident of Asarius. He was approached by the Traveler after his partner was killed by a Gloomstalker in the south, and helped him bring back some joy into his life by deal with loneliness through pranks and irritating his neighbor. The Traveler promised gifts in the future should Covak continue to pester and bring a little chaos to Asarius. Though he doesn't visit often, Covak still thinks of the Traveler as his only friend.

"The Favor" (2x56)[]

After the Mighty Nein's escapades beneath the well, Beau and Jester met Covak after recognizing the Traveler symbol outside his ramshackle hut and inquiring. Covak shared his history with the Traveler and Jester did the same, although his sense of humor is somewhat more earthy than Jester's (for instance, he thought defecating in four of the public wells in the city was a funny joke). The old gnoll seemed disheartened and bitter when Jester boasted about her closer relationship with their god. Before leaving, Jester created a small figurine of the Traveler for him to pray to and Covak seemed excited about the upcoming gathering of Traveler believers. He did, however, light Jester's cloak on fire as she left.

"Traveler Con" (2x108)[]

Covak decided to stay on Rumblecusp after Traveler Con.

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Covak was the first other worshiper of the Traveler that Jester met.
  • Jester told Covak that she knew he had "nice ears" due to her experience as a gnoll ear expert, a reference to the Mighty Nein's job collecting gnoll ears in Alfield.



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