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This page is about Caduceus' aunt. For Keyleth's father, see Korrin

Corrin Clay is a firbolg living at the Blooming Grove. She is aunt to Caduceus Clay, sister to Constance Clay, and the eldest of the Clay family at the Grove. Like the others in her family, she left the Grove to find a way to protect it from the advancing corruption of the surrounding Savalirwood. She traveled alongside her sister Constance, and the pair were petrified at the Whitedawn Lagoon, where they remained until restored in 836 PD by Caduceus. She returned to the Grove with the rest of her family.

As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.


She has fading pink hair and pink skin. She is the eldest of the Clay family living at the Blooming Grove.[1] After she was shattered as a petrified statue and ultimately restored, she became stiff and locked into a specific posture.[2]



Corrin lived in the Blooming Grove in the Savalirwood of the Greying Wildlands with the rest of the Clay family.[1] She, like all in the family, is a worshiper of Melora and spends her time administering burial by interment.[3]

She traveled Wildemount at some point, though she avoided most cities, such as Rexxentrum, citing the "strange looks" firbolg receive.[4] However, she previously visited Uthodurn, stating that she liked the food there better than that served in the Dwendalian Empire.[5]

She left the Grove in 827 PD with her sister Constance[1] to visit the temples at Kravaraad and the Whitedawn Lagoon in search of a way to stop the corruption of the Savalirwood from progressing into the Grove, the first pair of the family to attempt this journey.[6] She and Constance arrived at the Cinderrest Sanctum at Kravaraad unable to communicate to the Dust family that they needed crystalized residuum, and they left frustrated and without the materials they sought.[7][8] A few months after leaving home, she was petrified by a gorgon at the Whitedawn Lagoon, where she remained for nine years.[6]

"Blessing in Disguise" (2x95) and "Family Shatters" (2x96)[]

Corrin was discovered by her nephew Caduceus Clay and the Mighty Nein in 836 PD. She was with Constance, both frozen in a moment of fear[9] but with Corrin positioned to fight.[10] Corrin was shattered during the Nein's fight with the gorgon,[11] but she was successfully restored the next morning after Jester Lavorre carefully reassembled and mended her stone form.[10] However, the process left her stiff and locked into a specific posture.[2] She and the rest of the family were taken to Uthodurn to begin their journey home, and Corrin assured Caduceus that she would see the others safely to the Grove.[12]

"The Calm Before the Storm" (2x130)[]

Corrin was not present when the Nein visited the Blooming Grove, having gone with her nephew Colton to trade items in Shadycreek Run.[13]

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)[]

Corrin was home when the Nein returned to the Grove.[14]

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