Corellon, The Archeart is the deity of arcane magic and the fey.

During the Founding, the Archeart wandered the lands, spreading magic and raising the forests. The Archeart created the first elves, and so they are considered the Mother and Father of all elves.[2]

The Archeart is commonly depicted as an impossibly graceful and beautiful elven being. They are androgynous and alluring, with long golden hair. Many early elven art pieces were inspired by the Archeart, and elements of their visage or symbol can be found in most elven architecture.[2]

The worshippers of the Archeart are those who seek art in all their work, both magic and mundane. The Spider Queen and her priestesses are loathed by followers of the Archeart for leading the drow elves astray.[2]

The Archeart is the guardian of the spring season, and the domains of Light and Arcana. Their holy day is called Elvendawn, or Midsummer, and is celebrated on the 20th day of the sixth month of the year.[2]

Commandments of the Archeart

Commandments of the Archeart

  • Create, inspire, and find beauty in all that you do.

  • Follow the echoes of lost magics, forgotten sites, and ancient art, for within these lie the Archeart's first works.

  • Combat the followers of the Spider Queen wherever they may be.


Majority: The Stormcrest Mountains[5], The Verdant Expanse[6]

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