"Converging Fury" (2x27) is the twenty-seventh episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. Still reeling from the cost of their first fight against the Iron Shepherds, the Mighty Nein gain another ally and enter Shadycreek Run, where they begin to plot their revenge against their formidable foe...(with guests Ashly Burch and Sumalee Montano!)

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  • Tonight's D&D sponsor is D&D Beyond!
    • Sam reads some fan mail about Critters who use D&D Beyond. The Critters write about how the website helped them get over the loss of a beloved character, how much they love Sam's interactions with Taliesin, etc. Sam swears that the emails were sent in several weeks ago.
  • Critical Role is heading to San Diego Comic a day! Their panel on Saturday will be rebroadcast next Tuesday as next week's Talks Machina. Our fantastic host Brian W. Foster will destroy their sense of well-being!
  • Wyrmwood giveaways will be held during the break in the chat for the Critical Role Twitch channel.
  • The cast decides to try and stall. Ashly asks Matt what he had for breakfast? Matt laughs: she assumes he ate breakfast.
  • merch update from Laura: If Laura were here, she would remind Sam to remind the Critters that there are still some "Nott the Best Detective Agency" T-shirts in the Critical Role store.

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Last we left off, The Mighty Nein were making their way northward across the northern side of the Marrow Valley, toward the city of Shadycreek Run, to fulfill the second of two jobs they had accepted from The Gentleman while they were in Zadash. Along the journey, while they were leaving Hupperdook in the middle of the night, three of their members [(Fjord, Yasha, and Jester)] had been taken. It was discovered in the morning when they were nowhere to be found, that they had been captured by a group of slavers traveling north back to the city of Shadycreek Run itself.

Upon investigating the details of this capture, [the party] encountered an individual coming up the road with a similar aligning interest, Keg. In discussing the means of traveling to find these individuals responsible, and discovering that Keg had information on them, [they] decided to travel together making [their] way around the Crispvale Thicket. Encountering a number of indigenous, insect-like creatures known as ankhegs near the long-abandoned farmlands that were once built in the outskirts of the forest. Camping inside, [the party] encountered a few members of a firbolg village that had long existed, hidden from the world within this thicket that had been assaulted by these same slavers, known as the Iron Shepherds. [They] encountered an elder protector of this tribe, along with a boy who had survived this encounter, and were sent off on [their] way.

Traveling northward on horseback, [the party] managed to catch up and actually make ground on the Iron Shepherds. Comparing your intel, and through a few surprises as to what they were carrying, a plan was hatched to set an ambush, to halt them in their tracks, and assault them. Upon the plan taking off, things were going in [the party's] favor, but through a [...] series of moments of bad luck, and a too-late realization of the overwhelming power of the foe [they] faced, one of [the Mighty Nein] fell. Mollymauk lies slain in the middle of the road at the hands of Lorenzo, the leader of the Iron Shepherds.

Making an example, pushing Keg onto the ground, leaving her with the knowledge of what he perceives as her fault, to live with it; and to spread their name and the terror of what they do, and not to let anybody else get in their way. [The party] watched quietly, unable to really have a moment yet, to digest what has happened, as [they] see the carts slowly, quietly, make their way northward: out of sight beyond the hills, towards [their] eventual destination.
Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 27

Campaign 2 Tracking Map, Episode 27

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  • D&D Beyond ad
  • Additional Knowledge Acquired: Marisha tries to advertise Twitch Prime, but the copy is confusing...something about breaking eggs?
  • "How To Play with Becca Scott": Disney's Villainous
  • "The Wednesday Club: 5-Minute One-Shot": You are the contractor after the X-Men mansion gets blown up for the 13th billion time. What would you do to make the school more difficult to destroy?

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