Consecution is a practice of the Kryn Dynasty, wherein a soul is bound to a Beacon of the Luxon. When a consecuted creature dies within one hundred miles of a Beacon, their soul does not move on to the Outer Planes; rather, their soul is reborn in a newborn infant within one hundred miles of the Beacon in question.[1] Around adolescence, the creature carrying the consecuted soul begins to remember their past life and be strongly drawn toward Xhorhas and the source of its returning memories.[2] This process of anamnesis can be accelerated with meditation practices perfected by the Dynasty. When a soul is reborn, it doesn't replace an existing soul, but becomes the original soul of the infant.[3]

A consecuted soul can eventually reach a state known as Umavi, indicating perfection. While consecution doesn't cause insanity, there are rumors that very old Umavi can be overwhelmed by too many lifetimes' memories, causing behavioral issues.[4]

While there is no way to "unconsecute" a soul, a condemned person can be executed outside the range of the hundred-mile range of the beacons to ensure that their soul isn't reborn.[5]

Consecuted Individuals



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