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Colton Clay is the elder brother of Caduceus.[1][2] As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.




Colton wanted to be the hero of the family. The experience of being rescued from being turned into a statue at the Menagerie by his little brother was humiliating. He felt taken down a few pegs and wore it "like a shamed dog."[3]



In 828 or 829 PD,[4] Colton left the Blooming Grove with his sister Clarabelle, seeking a way to stop the corruption of the Savalirwood from progressing into the Grove. He made his way to the Cinderrest Sanctum[5] and then eventually The Menagerie where he and Clarabelle were petrified by a gorgon.

"Family Shatters" (2x96)[]

Colton's petrified form was found shielding the also petrified Clarabelle. The next day, Caduceus cast Greater Restoration on him, curing him of the petrification. He was immediately defensive of Clarabelle before he realized what was going on and relaxed. He was begrudgingly thankful to Caduceus for saving them.

Colton and the rest of his family were teleported to Uthodurn so they could traverse the Savalirwood and return home. In the inn the Mighty Nein rented for them, Caduceus said goodbye to his siblings and noticed that Colton seemed ashamed of himself for being unable to protect his family and save his home. He hugged Caduceus and promised to keep everyone safe on the way home.


Appearances and mentions[]


  • Colton: Did you save me?
    Caduceus: Sure.
    Colton: Damn it.[6]


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