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Coldsnap Leather Armor is a set of armor enchanted to grant the wearer resistance to cold damage.


The armor is made of thick, dark brown leather with a winter motif trim in brownish-blue, white, and silver. It grants an attuned wearer an additional +2 to their AC and resistance to cold damage.[2][3]


Vox Machina purchased the armor from Gilmore's Glorious Goods for 7,500 gold in "Skyward" (1x15) as Keyleth wished to use it herself.[2][4] However, she shortly realized she preferred her Leather Armor of Spell Resistance, and the armor went to Scanlan Shorthalt.[5] While planning to teleport inside Umbrasyl in "In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54), Scanlan traded the Coldsnap Leather Armor to Vex'ahlia in exchange for her Armor of Acid Resistance.[6] The armor later protected Vex'ahlia from the full brunt of Vorugal's ice breath.[7]


  • This armor functions as if it is Armor of Cold Resistance applied to +2 Leather Armor. Per the Dungeon Master's Guide, an Armor of Resistance cannot be applied to +2 variants.[8]
  • Its name is similar to that of cold snap spirits.


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