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A coin of delving is a magical copper coin used to determine distance when dropped.


The coin of delving sheds dim light within a five foot radius. When dropped a distance greater than five feet, it rings melodiously when it hits a surface. Any creature that hears the ring knows the exact distance the coin dropped based on its tone.[1]


Fresh Cut Grass had a coin of delving that he recovered from the body of Dancer.[2] They gave the coin to Orym while he was investigating a hole in the Weary Way Tavern in Jrusar. Orym dropped the coin, where it fell 1,200 feet and was lost.[3]


  • Marisha Ray said that she would love to eventually play a one-shot after Campaign Three focusing on finding FCG's first coin.[4] Her character, Laudna, proposed that adventure in-universe while Bells Hells were exploring the deep pit within the ruins of Aeor.[5]



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