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The Coat of the Crest[3] is a protective magical coat worn by Yasha Nydoorin. The coat was found by the Mighty Nein in Vokodo's underwater lair on Rumblecusp among other items hoarded from visitors and inhabitants of the island. Yasha had it altered by a tailor in Rexxentrum to her personal taste and to better withstand the cold. She wore this coat throughout the Nein's expedition to Eiselcross.



The Coat of the Crest is a "very fine" nobleman's coat made in the Concordian style.[4] After its current owner Yasha Nydoorin commissioned alterations, it is a black coat with wide sleeves. A draping, leather hood with white fur was added, and it was embroidered on the back with black lightning and flowers with additional small white flowers.[5] The original coat before these alterations was never described.


  • The coat requires attunement.[2]
  • The wearer gains a +1 to AC.[6] The coat can be worn over light armor.[7]
  • When the wearer is the the target of an attack, you can use your reaction to gain resistance to the damage from the triggering attack.[8][9]

In Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, the reaction and resistance mechanics are modified from the campaign. The coat instead has three charges and regains 1d3 daily at dawn. Upon being targeted by an attack, the wearer can spend their reaction and expend one charge to gain resistance to the triggering damage type for one round.[1]


  • "A Fog Lifted" (2x106): Vokodo hoarded numerous magic items stolen from or offered by visitors and inhabitants of Rumblecusp in his underwater lair.[10] The Mighty Nein took these items into their possession and found the coat among them. After an Identify spell and a lengthy discussion, Yasha tentatively accepted the coat.[11]
  • "Dinner with the Devil" (2x110): While in Rexxentrum, Yasha commissioned that the coat be altered to her taste and to be appropriate for colder climates in preparation for an expedition to Eiselcross. She was charged 18 gp to do so, but she voluntarily paid 50 gp instead.[5]
  • "The Chase Begins" (2x112): The coat was picked up with the requested alterations made.[12] Yasha began wearing the coat and continued to do so throughout the Nein's expedition through Eiselcross.
  • "Rebirth" (2x139): Yasha used the Coat's ability to halve damage for the first time.[13]


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