The Clovis Concord is a confederation of the city-states along the Menagerie Coast and settlements in the Swavain Islands.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Each Menagerie Coast city is ruled individually by a marquis who runs the merchant guilds of the city. The marquis of the cities work together to maintain consistent rule of law between all the cities.[4]

The marquis of Nicodranas, Zhafe Uludan, lives in a three-towered orange and yellow stone compound heavily guarded by Zhelezo.[5]

Notable Settlements[edit | edit source]

Menagerie Coast[edit | edit source]

Swavain Islands[edit | edit source]

Trade Partners[edit | edit source]

Dwendalian Empire[edit | edit source]

The Empire and the Concord have friendly relations and trade between the two is very common. Several Concord merchants were in attendance at the Victory Pit in Zadash[8]. Merchants frequently travel the Amber Road between Zadash and Nicodranas.[9][10]

Meetings between Empire and Concord diplomats take place in Nicodranas, as it is the closest Concord city to the Empire.[11]

Marquet[edit | edit source]

Many ships trade between Marquet and cities of the Clovis Concord, implying friendly relations.[12]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

The Revelry[edit | edit source]

The Revelry is a pirate union based in Darktow Isle. Pirates loyal to the Revelry attack and steal from Concord ships and do not recognize the Concord's authority to tax them.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Concord maintains 7,800 Shore Warden soldiers, a navy of 370
ships, and a police force of 5,200 Zhelezo.[13]

  • Shore Warden c.png
    Shore Wardens are the soldiers making up the bulk of the The Clovis Concord military. Shore Wardens are stationed across the coast while some can be found in forts throughout the Cyrios Mountains, stationed on the border between Western Wynandir and the Dwendalian Empire.
  • Zelezo.png
    The Zhelezo employed by the Clovis Concord function as the town guard in the city of Nicodranas.[14] Each of the other cities of the Concord also employ Zhelezo to keep the peace.[13]
  • Crownsguard Crossbowman.png
    Crownsguard from the Dwendalian Empire are allowed by the Concord to patrol Nicodranas. They technically have the authority to enforce Imperial law, but they have a very small presence.[15]

Laws[edit | edit source]

Permits must be approved and purchased from a Compass Lodge installation to do business for more than 15 days in the cities of the Mengerie Coast. All religions are legal to practice in private, but public worship of Betrayer Gods is considered dangerous to public discourse and is strictly forbidden.[16]

All who the Zhelezo deem to have broken the laws of the Clovis Concord are judged and sentenced by a local magistrate and are subject to punishments befitting their crimes. All fines and punishments for crimes aganst a Zhelezo official or a noble are doubled. All fines and punishments against a Clovis Concord official are tripled.[16]

  • Theft: 3-10 days incarceration and/or fine of twice the worth stolen.
  • Public Worship of Betrayer Gods: 10 days incarceration and/or a fine of 300 gp.
  • Slavery: 6-12 months incarceration and/or a fine of 1000 gp.
  • Trespassing: 7 days incarceration and/or fine of 100 gp.
  • Tax Evasion: 3-15 days incarceration and a repossession of property equal to the amount owed.
  • Damage to Private Property: 5-15 days incarceration or a fine of twice the worth of property destroyed.
  • Damage to Concord Property: 30-60 days incarceration and a fine of twice the worth of property destroyed.
  • Kidnapping: 30 days incarceration and/or fine of 500 gp.
  • Assault with Intent to Injure: 15 days incarceration and/or fine of 250 gp.
  • Assault with Intent to Kill: 170 days incarceration and/or a fine of 1000 gp.
  • Murder: 5-10 years incarceration and/or a fine of 5000 gp.

Agents[edit | edit source]

Wharfmaster Ignus[edit | edit source]

Ignus is the dwarven wharfmaster of the docks in Nicodranas responsible for keeping records of ships and captains that come in and out.

Lord Robert Sharpe[edit | edit source]

Lord Sharpe is a powerful lord in Nicodranas whose connections to the Clovis Concord are unclear. He was powerful enough to have a death sentence placed on Jester Lavorre for playing a prank on him.

Former Agents[edit | edit source]

Algar Dyomin[edit | edit source]

Algar was an agent of the Clovis Concord responsible for ensuring the continued imprisonment of a marid named Xundi. After the Mighty Nein defeated Algar, Jester forged a letter in his handwriting renouncing the Concord in Algar's office. The Mighty Nein booked Algar passage on a ship to Marquet.[17]

Khedive Xundi[edit | edit source]

Xundi was a Marid being forced to use his magical control over water to power some of the city's machinery. After he was freed by the Mighty Nein, he planned to head towards Port Damali and free his partner who was imprisoned there.

History[edit | edit source]

About 40 years prior to beginning of Campaign 2, a dispute between some trading guilds and the Clovis Concord led to a rebellion on Darktow Isle. The guilds formed an alliance called The Revelry, seized the island, and fortified it. The Revelry set up a rival government headquartered on Darktow under the authority of a "Plank King". Pirates sailing from Darktow attack Clovis Concord ships and use their plunder to buy into The Revelry for protection and community.[18]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both Jester and Marion Lavorre imply that many Clovis Concord officials have been clients of Marion.
  • Matt compares the Clovis Concord organization to the American colonies before the Revolutionary War.
  • Items manufactured in the Clovis Concord (and also presumably its residents) are referred to as "Concordian".[19]

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