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Cloud giants are a type of highborn giantkin native to the Material Plane.




Cloud giants are denizens of Jovatthon, the Castle of Thunder. This mighty city-state flies invisibly above Tal'Dorei enshrouded in thick stormclouds, tracing a clockwise circular route around the continent, avoiding its cloudless, arid heartland.

As of 812 PD the cloud giants of Jovatthon were ruled by two wedded kings, a City-King in charge of domestic affairs, and a War-King tasked with the defense of Jovatthon against both dragons and other highborn giants. The City-King was a stern, fearsome ruler named Ardokles, while the War-King is a much more charismatic and beloved general named Vasilios.[4]

Named cloud giants[]

  • Ardokles, City-King of Jovatthon.
  • Vasilios, War-King of Jovatthon.
  • Flavia, Queen of Unending Storms[5]



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