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Cloakers are elusive, flying aberrations typically residing in the Far Realm or in the Underdark.[2]


They resemble shadowy manta rays with long, barbed tails and red eyes.[3] They have thick, leathery skin somewhat resembling a bat's or lizard's.[4] They are nearly invisible when holding still due to their natural abilities.[5]


Cloakers are sapient creatures who usually prefer to ambush or sneak up on their prey, blending in the environment with their camouflage hide. To attack, they unfurl their fins, attempt to wrap around their prey, and use their long whip-like tails to defend against any creatures that may try to intervene.

  • Light Sensitivity
  • False Appearance[6]
  • Phantasms[7]
  • Moan[8]
  • Bite[9]
  • Damage Transfer


Vox Machina encountered a couple of cloakers during their travels. The first time, before the stream, the creature proved very difficult to defeat.[citation needed] The second time, during the events in the Underdark, they more easily beat the creature by forcing the cloaker to pursue them over water while using long-ranged attacks.[10] Percy skinned the creature and wanted to use its hide to camouflage the carpet by making the bottom of the carpet invisible. However, it is unclear whether he actually ever did.

In the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, set around early 836 PD, the high-level adventure hook "Eater of Worlds" involves a cult led by vampires who are aided by a conclave of cloakers.[11]

In the Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep adventure module, Alyxian can summon an aquatic variation on a cloaker to attack a character who speaks against him.[12]


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