Cloaker image by Jasonobi.[1]

Cloakers are flying creatures that exist in the world of Critical Role and Pathfinder.

Creature Information Edit

Cloakers are aberrations from the Far Realm. They resemble shadowy manta rays with long, barbed tails and red eyes. They are nearly invisible when holding still due to their natural abilities.

Vox Machina has encountered a couple of cloakers during their travels. The first time, before the stream, the creature proved very difficult to defeat. The second time during the events in the Underdark they more easily beat the creature by forcing the cloaker to pursue them over water while using long-ranged attacks. The dead cloaker was skinned by Percy and its hide was used to cloak Vox Machina as they traveled.

Abilities Edit

Cloakers are very dangerous and difficult to defeat in one-on-one close combat, as seen when Tiberius couldn't outrun the creature. It is also very difficult to attack over long range.

  • Flight
  • Intimidating Presence
  • Invisibility
  • Mirror Image
  • Smother

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