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"This is a really, really beautiful cloak that has kind of purplish-blue color to it with very, very fine edged embroidery in gold and silver that kind of just seems to naturally come out of the cloak like it's growing silver vines at the edges of it. It's a very, very fine make."
Matthew Mercer describing a cloak of protection.[src]

A cloak of protection, also called a protection cloak,[7] is a cloak that offers limited magical protection from a variety of sources.[8]



Cloaks of protection have a purple-blue color with gold- and silver-edged embroidery that seems to wrap around the cloak like vines.[9]


Once they attune to the item, a cloak of protection offers its wearer magical protection from effects such as the elements, attacks, and magic. It has similar effects to a ring of protection.[10] Mechanically, the cloak of protection is categorized as a Wondrous item of uncommon rarity. It requires attunement, and it provides the attuned wearer with a +1 bonus to their armor class and saving throws.[2]


In 835 PD, a cloak of protection was for sale at The Invulnerable Vagrant in Zadash with a price tag of 800 gold. Mighty Nein member Mollymauk Tealeaf noticed it while he and partymates Nott and Fjord were on a shopping trip.[11] Later, the Mighty Nein returned to The Invulnerable Vagrant and Fjord decided to buy the cloak, to the pleasant surprise of the store's owner, Pumat Sol.[12]

In 836 PD or shortly thereafter, an operative of the Cobalt Soul who fell to their death in the Betrayers' Rise was wearing a cloak of protection.[13]

Cloaks of protection are worn by cyclops stormcallers in Tal'Dorei.[4]

Bor'Dor Dog'Son had one of these cloaks,[14] probably provided to him by the Ruby Vanguard.


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