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A Cloak of Displacement is made out of the pelt of a displacer beast. It surrounds the wearer with illusions, obscuring their location.[4]



The cloak is made out of dark black-purplish fur. At its sides, two long tentacles end in little cupping spiked elements.[5]


The owner of the cloak can make illusory versions of themselves several feet away from their actual location. Any creature has a disadvantage on attack rolls against the wearer of the cloak. If the wearer takes damage, this property ceases to function until the start of their next turn, and is suppressed while the wearer is incapacitated, restrained, or otherwise unable to move.[6]


Vox Machina purchased a Cloak of Displacment in Gilmore's Glorious Goods.[7] Later, Tiberius choose it for himself.[8][9]

Another cloak of displacement was taken from Delilah Briarwood by Vax,[10] then given to Keyleth[11] who later gave it to Kerrek.[12]

Twiggy had a cloak of displacement.[13]


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