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The Cliffkeep Mountains are a system of mountains in northern Tal'Dorei. This mountain range, the largest on the continent, reaches out from Kraghammer to Gatshadow Mountain to Jorenn Village.[4] Most of the mountains are inhabited by dwarves, including the notable city of Kraghammer.[citation needed]

Notable locations[]

On the surface[]

Below the ground[]


The most prominent inhabitants of the Cliffkeeps are humanoid: dwarves, half-giants, goblins, and kobolds. The range is also home to a wide variety of giants: cyclops, fire giants, frost giants, hill giants, ettins, and trolls.[7] Less prominently, there are catfolk living in the caves of the Cliffkeeps.[8] Deep beneath the ground, the Cliffkeep Mountains house the myconid race.[9] The lower temperatures of the peaks favor the presence of cold snap spirits.[10]

Society and Economy[]

In 812 PD, the majority of people who lived in this region worshiped Moradin, the Allhammer, Kord, the Stormlord, and Pelor, the Dawnfather while the minority worshiped the Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon.[11] By 836 PD, Sehanine, the Moonweaver, Asmodeus, Lord of the Nine Hells, and Tiamat, the Scaled Tyrant gained the minority following.[1]

In 812 PD, the settlements of the region imported lumber, spices, fish, grain, and livestock, and exported precious gems, industrial metals, gold, silver, platinum, mithral, cobalt, fine stonework, jewelry, fungal produce, weapons, and armor.[11] By 836 PD, the settlements started to export quartz and granite as well.[1]



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