Claudia Sheed is a an elven woman and the owner of the Leaky Tap in Zadash.[1] As an NPC, Claudia Sheed is played by Matthew Mercer.

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An elven woman, who looked to be by human standards their 40’s. While working she was graceful if a bit disheveled, wearing a simple apron and having her hair pulled back and tied into a small haphazard bun.[2] When off-duty, she wore a maroon silk robe and had her hair in a high bun.[3]

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She was not judgmental when it concerned which patron of deity a person choose to follow, even if it happened to be unsanctioned by the Dwendalian Empire[4], going so far as to allowing The Knights of Requital to hold their meeting in the cellar of The Leaky Tap.[5]

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Living in Zadash a good part of her life, she eventually acquired the tavern. When she took the building off of the man who previously owned it she wanted him to leave nothing behind.[6]

"Steam and Conversation" (2x09) Edit

Claudia is introduced in this episode[7] and we discover that she allows The Knights of Requital to use her cellar for their secret meetings.[8]

"Lost & Found" (2x13) Edit

Fearing that she would be caught up and would suffer consequences for her involvement with The Knights of Requital, Claudia sold her tavern to Lauren Schvine and made plans to move away from the city.[9]

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Bryce FeelidEdit

She was a friend of theirs when they lived in Zadash for about three years, prior to joining the Crownsguard and moving to Bladegarden.[10]

Lauren SchvineEdit

Fearing that The Knights of Requital would be arrested, and that she'd be wrapped up with them after the events of the Pre-Harvest Close Gala, she made preparations and eventually sold off The Leaky Tap Tavern to her friend.[11][12]

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