Fan art of Clarota wearing his helmet, by Akandamador.[art 1]

Clarota's Helmet is a helmet that was designed and enchanted by Clarota as a shielding device.[1]  It protected him from being sensed and influenced by the elder brain and other illithid while they were under the control of K'Varn.  After Clarota was killed for betraying and attacking Vox Machina, Vax'ildan grabbed the helmet and placed it on his own head.[2]

Vax eventually had it identified by Sherri, who told him it guarded the wearer against magic spells that would affect the mind.[3] It was later used with some degree of success by Vax to resist mental influence.[citation needed]

Appearance Edit

It is a haphazard cluster of patches of metal and iron, shaped like a skullcap, that glows a dim blue.

References Edit


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