Claret Orders

Symbol of the Claret Orders.

Claret Orders is an underground organization of blood clerics and blood hunters, whose primary mission is to protect the living from the undead.

History Edit

The Claret Orders was founded by Trence Orman, a priest of the Raven Queen, who obtained hemocraft magic from her after praying for the protection of the Marrow Valley from recently released devils and undead.[1]

Notable Members Edit

  • Director Teresa Dulamar: Teresa is the head of the order in Tal'Dorei; she operates out of Kymal.[2]
  • Hunter Jorick LaMensh: Jorick is a member of the Order of the Profane Soul and Teresa's executive officer.[2]
  • Claret Director Jette Brashan: Jette is a male half-orc priest of the Raven Queen located in Wildemount.[3]
  • Elias de Corvo: Elias is one of the most famous blood hunters in the Claret Orders, out of Wildemount.[3]
  • Lilyana Cayd: Lilyana is a female werewolf/half-elf in Wildemount and an efficient blood hunter.[3]

References Edit

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